Some Talk: Feeling In Blogging

Midnight here and I messed up my sleep schedule..

I went to few places, yesterday, since it’s midnight now. I plan to write about it but I’m focusing on my artwork until 3am.. Obviously, that’s what usually happens.. So guess I’ll write it tomorrow, or say, today?. When sun appear.

This is just an old photo.. I love scenery. It’s give some feeling that hardly ever for me to describe. Same as when I’m blogging, or writing to post on blog.

I’ve been like, on off with blogging. Even before the old one I deleted on, I just had a feeling of excitement to write, to design the theme, and layout, but there was like mixed feelings about it, where – it goes up high, then slowly run down the hill – kind of feeling. Maybe it still there but I try to keep on blogging. So that the feeling won’t repeat in near future.

But why I still do it?. Here’s a bit about it, as I said, I’m not going to specifically details about whatever I’m posting here. I hope you guys understand it and respect..

So why?. When I’m blogging, writing – while doing so, in the moment at it, I feel a calm. Like, serenity?. If that’s the word. At the moment of writing, I do feel like, experimenting or should I say, expressing my whatever I want to say. Although it’s not really like that. But yes, I feel like better, calm, peace, like – let out all negative, messy energy, in healthy way. Some other reason, I feel enjoy within time I’m blogging my messy, unattractive stuff (haha..). But I just do it. At the same time it’s part of my, where, how I practice my English. This one reason is very in the beginning when I started to blogging.

Plus, knowing now, I feel like it’s great. It’s great like how it opens to many bloggers and writers out there. But of course also, since I know few friends, artist friend that also a blogger. While doing art and explore, both worlds. But it’s not open like, so I’ll try to keep it up. I think.. Overall, blogging, writing, give me some good and positive kind of feeling. Even though in this world, within it, now days, so many chaos.. It just give the feeling of rain pouring, hitting the ground, while blogging, warm Milo in mug, and look at the rain, releasing a positive smell from the soil and grass – make me feel like there’s place to stay. To feel good, to call home.. To spread good vibes. It’s a great feeling.


Places: The Day At Sentral Market

So it’s evening today and I decided to throwback.

It was 2-3 years ago. I went with my parent, as they have meeting with clients. I just followed for, you know, make my eyes clear once in awhile. The meeting was at Sentral Market, Kuala Lumpur. Where people called “Art Market”, or Pasar Seni in my language, Malay. It was my first time went there as, well, as an artist who do details work, I spent my time on my desk, in my small space of my studio.

We went to the meeting. The shop full of antique stuff. Such as keris (a sword in small shape and in length, and an old tradition of Malay defense weapon), old iron (which we need to put burned coal to heat it up), to antique Chinese vast, pots, and jewelry boxes. So many it make me feel excited.

Few part of the shop. So many things. Crazy right?. Here’s another.

Looks like in Disney’s Aladdin..!. I really like this one.

As before the meeting end, I took a walk a bit. To see what else there. Turned out, I found a shop with pretty things, and cool one.

This one shop just make me want spend some money, buttt. I don’t since I don’t have money at the time (haha..).

This shop have so many things like photos above. Stuff with patterns, pretty embroidery, clothes, lanterns, and yes, that cool knight armour. Which rarely to be found in my country. I feel sooo happy that I snapped the photo of it. And I found out that, those balls-lantern like on the left of the armour is handmade paper mache.. I was surprised. After zoom the photo. I don’t realize it since I have limited time to check out around and snapped few photos at the time.

So before the meeting done, I had ice-cream. I had it at Thai restaurant, in the Market.

Ice-cream with mango!. A bit hard to have the mango since it all mixed up with the ice-cream (LOL).

Everything done, we shake hands, and off from the Sentral Market.. And because of this one time, I plan to go angin, whenever I can, insha Allah..

Some Journey: Today Through Window

Away from my desk early in the morning, as for something important.

I still sleepy as the night before I had to handle also, something important. As the result, sleepy what I got.

Though, I managed to stay awake, trying my best. After few hours, we (with my parent), went to a mall for launch. It’s one of our list for eat while outstation.

I had these and those balls is called “begedil”. I love it. But these one just simple version, nothing fancy, but still good. And, oh yes, I had Milo by Nestle!. You gotta try it if you in Malaysia.

We’ve done and went to Cyberjaya, small meeting there. And straight to Jalan Duta in Kuala Lumpur. I fell asleep throughout this journey (haha). But my sleepiness gone after long time, while on the way to city nearby our home. On highway, I snapped few photos – all the way in this city area. This gives me a vibes like “What will happen in the future?. Are cities will be like in many movies I’ve been watching for whole this time?”.

Starting from this highway point, I snapped through our window car. It’s inspired me..

These two below was took after the highway area. I snapped it as I feel “Woww. What a cool structure yet scary..”.

Took it from back of the car’s window, mirror??. And last one.

If you see with your own eyes, you’ll feel like “What a mess..”. That’s what I feel sometimes. And that’s what makes me wonder “Will our Earth become like what in many movies?”.

My little journey done. We did stop for groceries. Nothing much and totally normal, I guess. Back home, starting to get headache. Which weird most of my outing I will get it. And end up with Panadol.. I don’t like it, but still, have to have it. Back at the edge of daylight, at evening. I plan for dinner, a simple one as we still full from our launch. I decided to cook some veggies soup. This one without eggs or chicken or taufu. Usually, at least, I will add some chicken.

Very simple one. It’s like one of my signature now. This little journey did inspired me. I can’t wait to continue my A1 artwork..!

Some Talk: New And Intro!

Hi there!

I’m an artist. I do black and white drawing and sketch. IG – anugerah_gee

As an artist, I have many interest that inspired me, so I think I like to share. Not so details but yes. This is my non related art blog. Which I’ll be posting anything, but not fully related to art stuff. Maybe a little bit.

So, I usually blogging on – – it’s still, freshly new. Before that, I deleted the old one. Which I regret doing so. Until now. The reason is that the new one didn’t work out like the one I deleted. Added when Google+ is no more, the new one just, well, not well. is good, it’s easy, I like it. Just when it the works as the old blog, I feel a bit disappointed. So that’s when I feel to switch to – a bit hard with new stuff, new place?. I guess. So, if you like to read few posts on my, feel free and thank you.

As I thought I’m not gonna do this, I just really want to. Here I am, because I like to share my thoughts or my interest in many, and I think there’s many people still love reading. I like to connect with people, to share whatever I like to.. Again, not too details..!

And as it is, if you like read anything or “direct talk” kind of, here is the blog. Feel free to check out my non related art blog, in here!. Thank you!