Some Journey: Today Through Window

Away from my desk early in the morning, as for something important.

I still sleepy as the night before I had to handle also, something important. As the result, sleepy what I got.

Though, I managed to stay awake, trying my best. After few hours, we (with my parent), went to a mall for launch. It’s one of our list for eat while outstation.

I had these and those balls is called “begedil”. I love it. But these one just simple version, nothing fancy, but still good. And, oh yes, I had Milo by Nestle!. You gotta try it if you in Malaysia.

We’ve done and went to Cyberjaya, small meeting there. And straight to Jalan Duta in Kuala Lumpur. I fell asleep throughout this journey (haha). But my sleepiness gone after long time, while on the way to city nearby our home. On highway, I snapped few photos – all the way in this city area. This gives me a vibes like “What will happen in the future?. Are cities will be like in many movies I’ve been watching for whole this time?”.

Starting from this highway point, I snapped through our window car. It’s inspired me..

These two below was took after the highway area. I snapped it as I feel “Woww. What a cool structure yet scary..”.

Took it from back of the car’s window, mirror??. And last one.

If you see with your own eyes, you’ll feel like “What a mess..”. That’s what I feel sometimes. And that’s what makes me wonder “Will our Earth become like what in many movies?”.

My little journey done. We did stop for groceries. Nothing much and totally normal, I guess. Back home, starting to get headache. Which weird most of my outing I will get it. And end up with Panadol.. I don’t like it, but still, have to have it. Back at the edge of daylight, at evening. I plan for dinner, a simple one as we still full from our launch. I decided to cook some veggies soup. This one without eggs or chicken or taufu. Usually, at least, I will add some chicken.

Very simple one. It’s like one of my signature now. This little journey did inspired me. I can’t wait to continue my A1 artwork..!

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