Some Talk: Feeling In Blogging

Midnight here and I messed up my sleep schedule..

I went to few places, yesterday, since it’s midnight now. I plan to write about it but I’m focusing on my artwork until 3am.. Obviously, that’s what usually happens.. So guess I’ll write it tomorrow, or say, today?. When sun appear.

This is just an old photo.. I love scenery. It’s give some feeling that hardly ever for me to describe. Same as when I’m blogging, or writing to post on blog.

I’ve been like, on off with blogging. Even before the old one I deleted on, I just had a feeling of excitement to write, to design the theme, and layout, but there was like mixed feelings about it, where – it goes up high, then slowly run down the hill – kind of feeling. Maybe it still there but I try to keep on blogging. So that the feeling won’t repeat in near future.

But why I still do it?. Here’s a bit about it, as I said, I’m not going to specifically details about whatever I’m posting here. I hope you guys understand it and respect..

So why?. When I’m blogging, writing – while doing so, in the moment at it, I feel a calm. Like, serenity?. If that’s the word. At the moment of writing, I do feel like, experimenting or should I say, expressing my whatever I want to say. Although it’s not really like that. But yes, I feel like better, calm, peace, like – let out all negative, messy energy, in healthy way. Some other reason, I feel enjoy within time I’m blogging my messy, unattractive stuff (haha..). But I just do it. At the same time it’s part of my, where, how I practice my English. This one reason is very in the beginning when I started to blogging.

Plus, knowing now, I feel like it’s great. It’s great like how it opens to many bloggers and writers out there. But of course also, since I know few friends, artist friend that also a blogger. While doing art and explore, both worlds. But it’s not open like, so I’ll try to keep it up. I think.. Overall, blogging, writing, give me some good and positive kind of feeling. Even though in this world, within it, now days, so many chaos.. It just give the feeling of rain pouring, hitting the ground, while blogging, warm Milo in mug, and look at the rain, releasing a positive smell from the soil and grass – make me feel like there’s place to stay. To feel good, to call home.. To spread good vibes. It’s a great feeling.

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