Some Talk: Late Night Work, Featuring Book – Hugger Mugger by Robert B. Parker

Pretty much busy like, 3 weeks now?

So I’ve been working on my small project, a concrete work, which I like to call. Mixing material, gloves, and boots, and hammer. That kind of thing. While doing so, I started to read novel..!

As a person who love movies and art, I just like read something simple, comic, magazines, or something like an article, and watch movies or documentary. So, yea, started already like few days ago. Thank you to Mortal Engines movie, I started to feel like to read. I did read the quartet, few pages on Google, as that’s what they put out, few pages only, and it’s driving me to read. Plus it’s good for how things with smartphone..

So here’s the novel.

Excuse my messy desk, where I work on my artworks.

So far, well, few pages!. Since I have things to do also. For first few pages, I have can say I like it.

I love how simple is the writing. Such as, more dialogue and straight forward. Suitable for people or a person who love watching and prefer movies, somehow somewhat. The thrill, suspend kind of feeling that you can feel, while reading the details of how the writer pictures of its surroundings, what is going on, like that. As I just in few pages, I will write the overall once I’m done with it. So, yea, I like it. Hopefully I can finish it (lol).

Going to my work, and let’s see how this going.


Foods: Bihun Sup

It’s been 6 days since my last post.

So, my launch today was “bihun sup”. It’s a thin, white, noodles kind of. For simple malay type, it comes in warm or hot soup, with green beans veggies known as “taugeh”, shredded fried chicken, which, usually cook with turmeric, salt, and ajinomoto to give the taste like uhmm!. And also, ground nuts.

Here how it looks.

If you go to Thai restaurant, it will have more veggies like carrots, cabbage, baby corn, and few others.

This is a simple noodles in its category, to me. Which is you can try cook it at home, if you like..!

Foods: Malay Restaurant With Various On Menu

So many things happen, but there’s a reason why.

So do as for yesterday’s. But I just wanted to talk about foods?. Yes. Because I love food (lol).

Our plan is different, but something happens. I still, sleepy, and hungry. Since it’s about launch time. We had self-service restaurant, which I never been to. But my parent did. I keep in my mind, like, 3-4 years now, to have my meal with portion that needed. What I always make sure, there must be – carbs, protein, and veggies.

You know, hm, that veggies should be a little bit more.. But hmm well, I tried. I don’t know it’s a habit or a must to me now. But these what my plate will always be. But it’s not that I’m not go with cake, pizza, or an ice cream. I do and yes.. These foods (junk?) are my thing!. But I have to limit it since I could or might get diabetes. Since its in running in family.. And that’s why I always try to do outdoor work, or handiwork. Just lately, since haze, I just not active like every other day. It’s feel, weird..

Move on, the restaurant pretty, lovely.. Lovely like, jungle-y and beach-ey like kind of deco.

I just can say it’s pretty. I love how they set up curtains at the entrance. Sunlight in and the curtains, as it’s cream in colour, give some feeling that I really love, in beach and sunny day kind of vibes. Anddd.. Yes, that’s my plate and, a glass of cold Milo. Others my parent’s. They had what we called “ulam”, which is a variation of raw vegetables, where you can dip with “sambal” or “belacan” sauce.

So, will try it?. Please do if you feel like it. Just find Malay restaurant and Thai restaurant. Almost all of them the menu is available!

Some Talk: Windy Day

It was noon, sunny day. Wind blows so much I fell in love with the moment.

I plan to blog about it right after I took few photos of the moment, but I play game on my big brother’s PS4. So, I missed the plan. It was cool, chill, sunny day, today. I did few things that I have to do, and wind blows – so strong that few branches fell. Leaves flying out so much, I can hear it fell to ground. Sky was blue and almost no clouds. Sunlight was yellow, yet it was cool. Very cool kind of feel. It was not hot like you’ll be sweat all day. Just cool and chill.

I love trees around our home. Just they grow randomly, around our home’s perimeter.

The flowers here – its growing so much for past 5-6 years now. And keep growing up high, on top of dead tree, that once grew well. We used the leaves to clean, wash our meat stock like chicken. Back then, before its own leaves fell for forever..

I should post right after took these photos, but, yea.. The flowers, they smell nice.