Some Talk: Windy Day

It was noon, sunny day. Wind blows so much I fell in love with the moment.

I plan to blog about it right after I took few photos of the moment, but I play game on my big brother’s PS4. So, I missed the plan. It was cool, chill, sunny day, today. I did few things that I have to do, and wind blows – so strong that few branches fell. Leaves flying out so much, I can hear it fell to ground. Sky was blue and almost no clouds. Sunlight was yellow, yet it was cool. Very cool kind of feel. It was not hot like you’ll be sweat all day. Just cool and chill.

I love trees around our home. Just they grow randomly, around our home’s perimeter.

The flowers here – its growing so much for past 5-6 years now. And keep growing up high, on top of dead tree, that once grew well. We used the leaves to clean, wash our meat stock like chicken. Back then, before its own leaves fell for forever..

I should post right after took these photos, but, yea.. The flowers, they smell nice.

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