Foods: Malay Restaurant With Various On Menu

So many things happen, but there’s a reason why.

So do as for yesterday’s. But I just wanted to talk about foods?. Yes. Because I love food (lol).

Our plan is different, but something happens. I still, sleepy, and hungry. Since it’s about launch time. We had self-service restaurant, which I never been to. But my parent did. I keep in my mind, like, 3-4 years now, to have my meal with portion that needed. What I always make sure, there must be – carbs, protein, and veggies.

You know, hm, that veggies should be a little bit more.. But hmm well, I tried. I don’t know it’s a habit or a must to me now. But these what my plate will always be. But it’s not that I’m not go with cake, pizza, or an ice cream. I do and yes.. These foods (junk?) are my thing!. But I have to limit it since I could or might get diabetes. Since its in running in family.. And that’s why I always try to do outdoor work, or handiwork. Just lately, since haze, I just not active like every other day. It’s feel, weird..

Move on, the restaurant pretty, lovely.. Lovely like, jungle-y and beach-ey like kind of deco.

I just can say it’s pretty. I love how they set up curtains at the entrance. Sunlight in and the curtains, as it’s cream in colour, give some feeling that I really love, in beach and sunny day kind of vibes. Anddd.. Yes, that’s my plate and, a glass of cold Milo. Others my parent’s. They had what we called “ulam”, which is a variation of raw vegetables, where you can dip with “sambal” or “belacan” sauce.

So, will try it?. Please do if you feel like it. Just find Malay restaurant and Thai restaurant. Almost all of them the menu is available!


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