Home Decor: Loving Boho..?

As I keep telling myself I will keep blogging.. Still, I failed at it..

So how’s things with everyone?. My country started quarantine, now day 6.. Hopefully things will get better, get back to normal. For now, stay at home, please..!

Sooo.. For past years, after playing Uncharted 4 game, over and over again. I realized one thing – I love boho, vibes or decor. I think it’s because in the game Epilogue, I just in love with Nathan and Elena’s beach house. It sooo beautiful i just can’t even..!. Somehow somewhat, I’ve been digging photos of boho decoration, crafts, colours maybe, or whatever have to do with it. I ended bought a drawstring bag when I was in Pulau Pinang last year, for my exhibition Alhamdulillah. So, some other stuff with boho patterns (haha).

With busy bee that I have to do daily, I just wanted so bad to decorate my uhmm, this small space. Where my cat Baby Active the name, stay and litter in his box (of course). No so big, but I think I can tackle it. But it will take time that I’m worry, I’ll be more focus on it than my artwork – which I’m full time on it. But I just love the vibe of boho. Although I love it, not really know much about it. But some like “beach shack vibe”, “minimal”, something like that..?. I don’t know, but as be myself, like myself when dress up, I just go with my own style, where I mix stuff (lol). But here some that I’m really into.

Photo credit, Google.

So, these are the example of boho vibes that I’m so into right now. That I feel like I just wanna stop doing anything else but this. But I still don’t know what the space gonna be hmm..?. But from the crafts and decoration, I love it. Since I do lines and patterns on my artworks, so yea, I love to see details. But no plants on bed or dining area, but okay for space where I want to relax, chill, while playing with my cat, Active. That’s what I call.

On wall decor, I just love those dream catcher, yarn knots, wall hanging, stuff like that. Paper lanterns also. I just love it, I don’t know why (haha).

Photos credit, all to the rightful owner.

Seeing these all just fuel me up. The vibes just so cozy and fresh. I’m so into it.. Wish I have time for all of these. Making those wall decor, I miss crafting tho.. Look at those yarns work. It’s prettyyyyy..!.

Most from all that I love is one with feather. In any like the last photo, where a woman decorating or touch up the craft. It’s nice to see, I feel weird about myself. But Hey, I bet you guys do understand how I feel right. Because everyone have what they really into. Like some people love succulent plants in small pot, this thing popular now right?. As for modern decor in any genre of interior design, right (?).

So, I hope I can make it, although I’ll be really tired to finish it (lol). And decorate the space once the paint job part done. But I think it will be long way just to even start it haa.. Since I have things that more important than make my own small space in my house. But let’s see. Maybe I can start by DIY crafting, since I get some branches (haha). Many of it!. I think I will start by that one first. So at least, when the paint job done, at the time, I just can put my DIYs on wall of the space. Hopefully Insha Allah.. These all stuff, my another small project, will be on my list. Because I have few of small projects now already..!.

So as for now, I hope everyone of you, please stay at home. You, we can do so much at home, since I’m not out from my home that much like many youngsters these days, as an artist myself, so, even before this quarantine happen, trust me, home is the best place ever.



Some Talk: Lately Busyness

It’s been awhile, no, it’s been really long time, since my last post.

Hey guys, I hope you all well.

Few months since last one, I was actually, and still busy bee. With my artworks, daily basis, and, new things – big brother moving back with us. I have to do few extra stuff, if look into my schedule in my head, many.. And sometimes, I myself couldn’t keep up with it….. Give me headache lol.

But it’s because I don’t want to let go if I know I can’t, which I think I must. Because daily basis in our life, in reality, won’t finish. So, I just go with the flow. If I can’t make it, it’s totally fine, I told myself.. Not easy tho. But today, many also have practice, letting go if they can’t make it. Easy example, after few months, today I can and feel to write in here. Plus it’s International Women’s Day – to all women out there, and to me, this day it’s also about men doing what women do. We all human by the end of the day..

Back to the title. I’ve been busy as me and my parent plan on to clear out stuff we don’t use, and make things better at least. So I think on recycle stuff too, but again, with what important thing that first thing first, I end up not really doing it.. It’s frustrating you know. But I said, let’s take this slow, you don’t wanna stress up yourself by the end. So yea, I give myself time – to play game (Uncharted series and Kingdom Hearts 3, most of time, repeat and repeat, Uncharted is the best game!), to cook for meal, doing outdoor activities, and some other, and clean up big brother’s house (room). Lots to do in this one space actually…

So I hope I can set it all within this week, so lovely big brother can start staying here. And I can start taking out stuff from my home studio area and make some nest-like feel for my studio. Because I can’t put a door so.. Uh.. You know, make a wall fence..?. I plan for it soon, but I can’t wait to decorate my studio, with paper lantern, cardboard stars, maybe.. (?). So many things to do as before April come…

So yeah, this busyness just not stop in our life, but take it slow, one step at a time, and we will make it.. Don’t stress up ourselves is a must!.