Some Talk: Lately Busyness

It’s been awhile, no, it’s been really long time, since my last post.

Hey guys, I hope you all well.

Few months since last one, I was actually, and still busy bee. With my artworks, daily basis, and, new things – big brother moving back with us. I have to do few extra stuff, if look into my schedule in my head, many.. And sometimes, I myself couldn’t keep up with it….. Give me headache lol.

But it’s because I don’t want to let go if I know I can’t, which I think I must. Because daily basis in our life, in reality, won’t finish. So, I just go with the flow. If I can’t make it, it’s totally fine, I told myself.. Not easy tho. But today, many also have practice, letting go if they can’t make it. Easy example, after few months, today I can and feel to write in here. Plus it’s International Women’s Day – to all women out there, and to me, this day it’s also about men doing what women do. We all human by the end of the day..

Back to the title. I’ve been busy as me and my parent plan on to clear out stuff we don’t use, and make things better at least. So I think on recycle stuff too, but again, with what important thing that first thing first, I end up not really doing it.. It’s frustrating you know. But I said, let’s take this slow, you don’t wanna stress up yourself by the end. So yea, I give myself time – to play game (Uncharted series and Kingdom Hearts 3, most of time, repeat and repeat, Uncharted is the best game!), to cook for meal, doing outdoor activities, and some other, and clean up big brother’s house (room). Lots to do in this one space actually…

So I hope I can set it all within this week, so lovely big brother can start staying here. And I can start taking out stuff from my home studio area and make some nest-like feel for my studio. Because I can’t put a door so.. Uh.. You know, make a wall fence..?. I plan for it soon, but I can’t wait to decorate my studio, with paper lantern, cardboard stars, maybe.. (?). So many things to do as before April come…

So yeah, this busyness just not stop in our life, but take it slow, one step at a time, and we will make it.. Don’t stress up ourselves is a must!.


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