Cooking: Spaghetti Cooked Soupy, With Broccoli

So I try to keep up with posting in here. Little bit tough but we’re in quarantine now, so why not?

My cook!

This is not spaghetti, actually. As its name on the package – vermicelli.

Hope I’m not wrong with it, if I do.. I’m sorry. I cook pasta, any version of it – with boiling water. Just put the amount of it into the boiling water. Once the pasta cooked, I added oil. Then the fun part come. I added broccoli. Sometimes I put tomatoes or cauliflower, and, before the vegetables or meat, onion first!. After all of that, I just added some spice of soup. And I make sure that I’m not over cook it. Just make sure it’s still have the volume of the soup. Other ingredients well, basic one in cooking such as salt or herbs, that’s up to whatever you feel.

So yea. That’s my recipe. I did curry too last time. It tastes sooo godddd!

And please, STAY AT HOME!

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