Some Talk: After Rain

It’s afternoon, sunny and bright. Loving the sunlight, that’s yellow..

After awhile, sky slowly block by cloud. Grayish cloud, we know what’s that going to be.. And just like that, rain pour. I love rain when it’s raining without thunder.. Water flow from our home’s guther.. Although some already broken. Water pour like it’s mini waterfall.. But there’s moment when it’s feel something that, feel so fresh yet you feel like “I just gonna relax for awhile”.. Like that.

My favorite view
Cloud after rain

After for awhile, rain stop.

And that’s the view. That’s the moment that I feel like I fall in love for many times.

It’s such a lovely moment. At evening, where it’s feel like no burden, if you know what I mean. It’s feel everything that makes your head spinning slowly go away, and make you fee like there’s hope in everything that people argue or what issues, like that. Like what happen right now – pandemic. There’s a day, and that day will come, all these will go away..

So, stay at home, don’t hoping it will go this near time, but hoping this will be gone soon and the day will come too. Insha Allah..

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