Cooking: Chicken Cooked Turmeric, Upgrade!

Just done with my launch, finished with my favorite drink, Nestlé Milo.

So as I like to experiment with what I’m going to cook, which happens every day, I just will ask myself “hmm what I wanna cook eyy..”. It’s tough when you don’t have much stuff, since quarantine.. But whatever we have, just cook it.

So for today, I set to go with chicken, obviously. Defrost and wait, while waiting, I did whatever I need to do. Things done and, cooking time!.

Here are the ingredients!.

No need to say much the most important ones. These are the main to cook. Onion, I usually just cut like that. Cut in any way, I think it’s just the same thing. Then chicken!. I chopped it not small, and, I’m not throwing if there’s any bones, just include it, still have its flesh.

Just put all in!. This is my way, plus, I just cook something simple and easy and can eat (haha). Cooking oil, onion, chopped chicken, wait until it’s almost cooked. Then I put the spices, yasss. And other few ingredients. And water, of course. I hardly use corn flour to make it sauce like looking, I mean thick. I just let it slowly thickened, from the boiling point. And make sure the chicken fully cooked.

And ta-daaa!. I forgot to take a photo of the finished recipe.. What.. But!. Eat it with rice, is the best.

But no veggies just sooo different..!. I decided not to cook it, as I need to budget all raw food source at this time of quarantine, which very limited to go outside, in my area, we can’t even go to a store. Pissed me off, but what can I do, what can we do. So, that’s all I can cook. I’m about to blurred out seeing my plate without veggies (haha).

That’s all and stay at home..!

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