Cooking: Simple Potato Wedges

This is just simple one, that I usually cook for dinner or snack.

I love potatoes. So, back then, few years ago, I still had frozen potato wedges in my fridge. But I can say it’s been awhile since. As the result, many times already, I cook my own wedges.

My potato wedges!

My mom usually do the peeling part. Once done, I will cut to wedges shape, and yea, I use 3-4 potatoes usually.

Then, spice up and add the important ones. Fry all of it and ta-daaa!. We have potato wedges. I love cooking this, yes because it’s simple but, the most important is that it’s organic one. I have this kind of vibes now, where I want to have my foods from organic source. But some like ketchup or soy sauce might not because I can’t make it (haha), but 80-90% of my foods, cooking are organic. I love it.

I have this usually without ketchup. Because I love the real potato taste (lol). Who’s not?!.


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