Cooking: 2 Kind Of Fish, 2 Recipes??

I did cooking for launch yesterday, midnight already now. I’m late!.

Simple cooking, with two different of fish. Not many left, on my count, for raw source of food for this quarantine time. Oh well.. So, let’s get to it, on my simple cooking (haha).

Onion and garlics
Some spices, experiment with them
The two kind of fish!

As you can see, two different fish. In my language Malay, the grey fish which two of it, called “ikan kekek”, and the big-tail one is red snapper. I don’t know what “ikan kekek” in English actually (lol)!. Then, an onion and garlics. And as you can see for spices, the big package is mixed of soup powder. Don’t forget, the important ones in every food, you know what, I don’t have to mention (haha).

I started with the onion, it was Holland onion by the way. Cut half of it, and sliced. I used half for the “ikan kekek”, another half of the onion for the red snapper.

This was the “ikan kekek” simple soup, that I had for launch yesterday. So after sliced the onion, cooking oil in, then the onion, stirred it, then I added the soup powder. Water added and “ikan kekek” in..!. Nothing fancy (haha). For the red snapper, half of the onion that I left for it, and sliced two cloves of garlic.

Like this!

Oh yes, I forgot that I first turmericated the red snapper before I cooked “ikan kekek” (haha what’s that new word??).

Mixed up

Here, above. Like always, since I didn’t want it to be soupy – cooking oil, onion and garlic, then I added chili ground and ginger ground, it’s cool if you add the fresh one but since I don’t have it, but I plan on to plant these greens stuff soon!. I added water, but not too much, just enough to cook the red snapper. Stirred, then put the fish in.. The red snapper was thick!. Uhm-uhmm the flesh (is it what it called?. Or it called “meat”?), just soft and tasty. I love it.

Ta-daaa!. Two different fish, two different recipe, too simple (haha). As the result as above, the “ikan kekek” cooked simple soup and the red snapper cooked spicy turmeric, since I added chili ground (lol). I had it with rice, and my father cooked simple veggie soup, called “pucuk kaduk”, or in English is kaduk leaves” (I feel weird actually lol). My parent had it with these fish menus, I’m not because I don’t like kaduk leaves, it has this weird smell, and some people eat it raw after plucked from their veggies garden. But hey, I have respect for those that can eat it like that because I don’t know why, I can’t. But I don’t feel bad about it. I’m born this way, why bother right?.

So that was my cooking for launch yesterday, I didn’t post early because I’m focusing on my artwork.. So don’t know why, I feel like to blog about it at this midnight, now almost dawn (lol).

I hope you guys are well. And stay at home.


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