Gardening: First Section And Growing Of Sweet Potato

Finally!. The first one of gardening blog, first post on the section that I’ve been planning on.

Here, well, where I’ll be putting together my gardening stuff, vegetables or flowers gardening. This section that it will in.

Excuse my dead onion, already end of its period
Sweet potato shoots

Few years ago, before I decide to be full time artist, I’m so into agriculture. Where I did, actually, plant pumpkin and chilies. It was fun. But later then I decided to go with art, full time. As few years into art scene, I started to do gardening work, such as – clear up bushes, and make sure I keep on going.

So, as above. It grows not in my attention that I want it. It usually grow when I buy them, solidly sweet potatoes, to eat. But I keep them in a basket, upper part of our open frame of rack, near our living room’s windows. If the day is sunny, yellow sunny I mean it, it’s clearly that they get volume of sunlight. As the result, I usually get sweet potato shoots, and sometimes, even our stock of potatoes turn up to grow their shoots.

I learned from a woman, currently viral on social media, in my country. Her name is Nuraishah. She left her work as a designer, back to her home town with her mother, and her cat, and started to plant many of vegetables. I love to see her work, when I found her on Twitter. Then follow her on Instagram. From there, I learned about how to grow sweet potato.

This is how it grows

Can say it grows naturally.. In a basket. Which I realized after many times. So, while busy with my artwork and concrete work sometime, I talked with my mom, “I want to plant some veggies”. And there, where I decide to go with it, in time where I’m so busy with daily basis, with many other small projects. Oh well, I need it to, but I give myself time to relax once awhile.

So, it’s in my list now. But this new pandemic come. So I have to slow down with outdoor activities, outdoor work. But once all this done, gone, I’m gonna start with fence and space for it, for vegetables that I’ll be plant in the future insha Allah..

While this pandemic still ongoing, let’s stay inside and do anything to keep our head well. I hope you guys are well.

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