Cooking: Simple Chicken With Veggies

I missed like 2-3 days for this section.

So, I cooked meat with veggies, for launch, 2-3 days ago, and first greens since our quarantine started..!. And I miss having veggies on my plate, but sadly, it’s so limited right now I wanna cry….!

Above are the ingredients. Starting with onion, chili ground, two cloves of garlic, cauliflower, capsicum, and chicken. In my head was, spicy taste but not so much, soupy, and fresh. That was all that I’m imagined.

As usual, cooking oil in!. Sliced onion and garlic in first. Later, I added the chicken. Since I cut them into bite sizes, any bones with its flesh, go together into the pan. I waited until it cooked a bit, colour changed into uhmm brownish like?. Then I added the chili ground. Not too much, unless to whoever like spicy.

Okay then, I added the vegetables. Which I washed before I started cooking, and let it drained. Once in the pan, I stirred it well. And added water, not so much, not too less. Just set as enough for the sauce, soupy part. As you can see, yes, the chili ground, and the important ones was added. And I let it cooked.

And ta-daaa…!

It was a simple one that I think I can do it again. Since quarantine, I really budget on what I cook. Since my area is enhanced ugh.. So limited, it’s really get to me now. But source still have, and I hope I can maintain the source I have in my fridge, so I can cook..

So, stay home guys. And I hope you guys are well.


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