Gardening: Sweet Potato Shoots Is Root-ing

It’s so exciting to see growth, positive growth on what you plan to plant.

My sweet potato shoots is growing!. All right now is root-ing.. Is that the word..?. Well we put out our words something, isn’t it? (haha).

It’s growing right!?

I feel so happy to see those roots, coming out from those shoots. Because, at first, I don’t feel like it will grow. Like seriously, it won’t, since some parts of all these shoot are black, dead. But I cut those dead part, trimmed them all. And pray it will grow. To my surprise, two days ago, I can see the roots. And yes, I’m happy as hell (haha).

For my next step, I plan on to plant it. But as I discussed with my mom, I can’t plant it straight into soil. Because we have a goat, name Kembang. I think I’m not introduce her yet. She’s like our pet now. And yes, as her nature, she might eat these sweet potato shoots, if I plant into soil. So, I think I go with big gardening pot. Guess I’ll be hunting some soil that suitable for gardening around our home lawn.. It’s been long time I’m not doing it, since my small project started back in December last year.. I hope after all this pandemic, I have energy to do this.

So that’s it, and, our quarantine extended.. As I expected. So stay home, although we feel blank already (lol).

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