Gardening: Set Up

So it’s been so long, as I feel like it. Like really long ago I last post in here. Yikes. But it’s more than a month now…

Last one about sweet potato shoots, right. But first, here’s the reason I’m not post anything.

So, my country still under lockdown, and at the same time, at the time. Ramadan was around couple weeks from the time where my family and I was in enhanced lockdown. In my area, I mean it. Also, big brother moved in, after the enhanced lockdown was lifted. On Ramadan, my sleep schedule dropped down hard (haha), as sahur (eat around before dawn), which I cook and sleep after. Break our fasting, but couple of hours before that, I cook. So no night sleep (haha). I’m used to it, but there was time I was really sleepy like crazy, as the result, I have no time to write. Since some of other time, I’m on my artwork!. Which is still my focus, for every day 😀

Back to title, since the virus case is slow down in my country, our lockdown now in phase of recovery. And after Eid Days, like two weeks ago, I started back on track with my boots!. I’m so happy with it aaaaaaa (^^)

I cleared up bushes, as it was untrimmed like almost, almost, 2 months. It took me like almost 2 weeks to cleared the only area, which near pathway in our home. There’s still spacious area, continuous along with the area I’m working on now. The area is terrace ones. So, a bit challenging but phew, I just enjoy the process.

Right after the clear up phase, I started to set up blockers or walls or whatever you guys called it, as for the terrace’s holder, for bedding for veggies where I’ll be plant in it in the future.

My new boots and hoe!
The terrace’s holder

I was planning to use bricks all the way. But then, piles of old vinyl floors caught my attention, and recalled there was bamboo, which from our traditional food, specially on Ramadan and Eid Days season, called Lemang. Talk about it later, I used those bamboo from Lemang, cracked to 2, and knocked each sliced bamboo into soil, which I already hoe it before, placed the old vinyl floor plate, and cover with all extra soil.

Tough as it consume energy kind of work, next phase was setting up fence. So the idea that came up in my mind was, simple and effective. I just went with what I have around our home ground. I took few woods, which old but still strong, which was a bench my dad made. So, why not, reuse it?.

Above is not the wood that used to be a bench. But its also an old wood, but this one out of old kitchen floor. Which I pulled all of it, out. Feel great new floor done weeee, Alhamdulillah.. I’m so happy with my small project, which finished on the last day of February this year.

So, “bone” for fence to be attached, some already set. And half still ongoing. While the fence itself, 3 set already up. And the fence was done, which I need to get another round of it. But for now, as for today and yesterday, I just had to take some from 2-3 years ago, which it was still in good condition, as I realized its stainless steel kind of.

I’ll be updating it, from time to time, as I’m pretty on stuff and other important thing.

So, stay home and hope you guys well, at this time of pandemic. Be careful and stay safe guys.