Gardening: Update Of Clearing

It’s a month since last one!. Don’t like that..!

It’s morning now, writing this. And I don’t want it to be 24 hours without some nap. But I can write for awhile, since I’m super busy with my artwork. Currently chasing time, less than a month, so I need to do it!

Over a month now, I’m focusing on my gardening too. I only can do it for an hour, or sometimes an hour and half. I did posted about setting up fence. So yes, I did anddd now, there’s problem. Termites… As I used solid wood for the fence “backbone”. Didn’t think that it it will attack the wood. Frustrating…

So, I call the wood “backbone”..

I’ll deal with the those termites later on, once I fence all areas, that I plan to be my garden.

While working on the fence, I got visited by my little sister’s cats…

Nacho and Doni
Mr. Nacho and my boots
Mr. Doni

So, there’s update on what I’m working on for my garden. Some parts of fence, I go with what I have, found around our home ground. Like this one…

I reuse my cut-out fence from couple years ago. Have to attach them to each other, by tide to one another. Using branches that scattered around, I choose, ones that consider as straight, if it curvy a bit, it’s alright. As long as I can tide around it.

Lastly, I started clear up another site of the area. I still don’t know or still think about, how my garden’s fence should go. Should I set straight from the last one, or, set a door then continue attaching the fence to the new site?.

Found a hideout..
Small snail

Cutting down all of bushes, not easy. Ants everywhere around, on the ground, on plants, and bushes. Take time for this time around but, as I want it to be as I plan, for my garden and veggies, I need to do it right, I guess..?. Enjoy the process. A bit by bit. Slow progress is a progress. That’s all in my mind as I try to stay positive for this. Not easy since I have few artworks to finish within a month or two.

So that’s the update!. I enjoy the process, although there’s a day I didn’t do it.. Need a lazy day in a week or two. You guys should too.

Okayyy. Hopefully I can do this while focusing on my artwork. Stay safe and be careful as the virus still around..!