Gardening: Small Green House

I’ve been working on my ground, clearing weeds lately.

A month ago I managed to set up my little green house. It’s for my plant seeds, obviously.

Setting up from my old wooden frame that I did months ago. It was actually for another purpose. I was thinking for couple days before I decided to turn it into my green house. After decided, I cleared whatever mess that scattered around the wooden frame. A bit tough, I could say but it was great.

Some kind of roof…

Made a roof using wire net, it something that I used in many of my project.

I reused couple of plastic bags, from our cat’s food bag, which I usually keep it, rather than throw it. Did some kind of like cover on top of the wire net roof, on the front part of it only, so if rain, it won’t so much hit my seeds.

On top of the plastic bag cover, overall sides needed to be covered by the famous cover when come to agricultural – the net – usually black colour, but I found this one in our garage. And it was the wide ones. Cut into the sizes, I covered all sides, except one that set on the wall.

And yes, just like that, I have a small green house!. Which limited errr….. But still spacious for few pots. And up until now, I still need to set few or couple of racks, so I can seeding some other plant seeds, in one go.

Lastly, big moth wad near me at the time 🙂

I’ll post the next one on my plant seeds, which actually, already grow. But my bad since I’m so late on updating… -_-“

So stay tuned..!