Some Thoughts: Thoughts 1

It’s been a long time since last one.

I’ve been going through some kind of phase, which I feel and don’t know, at the same time – is it a phase as human, and each of individuals in this world will go through?

It’s, really tough to even write.

Moreover, when it comes to personally private (which I called, where involved other people or family). I’ve said it before, I wouldn’t go with details of details about things that I will post or write. I believe many and every one will go through in life..

Every one has their own struggle. A point where, things happen, and will open up views, of every day thought and opinions to be different than what self agree. View in every aspect of life, daily basis, work and job, to basic needs of human and relationships. Not only on self, but towards other people that close and around a person’s. Not only at home, but in a work place to where we hangout with family and friends..

So, what’s your moment, things that happened, where you think and consider it as a.. Turning point in life?

I’ll continue on this about later on. Since it’s Ramadan, I need a nap. Since it’s already after dawn..

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