Gardening: Planting Stuff

2, 3 days ago I went to supermarket. I think it was great since I bought peat moss!

But I just love checking the section area, here’s some.

Went with my parents, we did shopping for groceries mainly, and usually. The reason we ended up at supermarket was I had to send my artwork for framing, which I’ll be sharing soon myself as an artist and artworks.

So, here’s more from the section.

I think the section was upgraded?

Because to me it looks like it.

Pretty isn’t it? I just forgot to snapped few more, specially on pots and soil/compose parts. I’ll share soon my peat moss and additional seed to my seeds collection!

The evening twilight was beautiful too. Here’s.

That’s the bonus for this entry.

So stay safe people. It’s beautiful right..


Scrapbooking: Hobby

I think this is the first one?

Yes! It’s what I always love doing whenever I feel like need to write a quote, stick and glue.

So scrapbooking has been always my hobby, since I was little.

But different one, I did for celebrities such as, Linkin Park, Avril Lavigne, The All American Rejects, and The Click Five, and so Hillary Duff. Some I set as family album, which included family photos, our pets, and stuff from vacation. Also few old photos. Some other kind of where I cut off from magazines, glued and stick them all, something like flowers like that.

As time flies, I did stop for awhile. But not like stop straight from, time to time I did. From one of many pages above, this one i started since 2017. But not knowing what I’m doing. Like I said, on off like that, time to time. As we see with technology in graphics, journaling and scrapbooking become more popular, with pretty stickers, washi tapes, and other, and more also from independent and freelancers artists who contribute their work for the hobby and community.

So these pages are what I did, whenever I feel down, or lots to think, you know we human we go through some matters we know we can’t control but we feel like stuck in between or caught in between. I think scrapbooking, journaling, or junk journal is one of the best method to distract us into things that can lead to unhealthy thinking.

And here few more.

These days, and for this one book, I also stick whatever tags, name cards, coupons, papercard from products, just any. I don’t know why but I think when look at them all, I recall whatever story or memories from them..

I just love doing this, that’s all. And it’s good for me. It becomes my warm up before doing my artwork and I can feel it.

I think we need to keep this kind of thing alive. As new generation tends to go for gadgets, I think I’ll prefer this one, one of as we can say, traditional.

But… Why not?

Some Thoughts: Letting Go

For some reasons I just feel like to blog out, write out, put out, name it, that’s what I feel like right now.

It’s just hard whenever there’s thing we couldn’t stop thinking or we just keep thinking about it.

Sensitive or easily effected by some sort of opinion although we disagree, or anything else, like example, how we handle stuff in the kitchen just the way we want it rather than other’s way of handling, it’s hard to over it if it constantly in mind. It’s not healthy.

When come to this topic, someone ever told me, the only way is to – let go.

And to each one of us, different effect different ways of overcoming it. Because whatever we go through, struggling in our life, each one of us have different events, moments, or past. It’s something we can’t tell people easily too, “just let it go”, no it’s not. But in my case, that someone told me with feeling of support for me at the time. And because of that, I hold on to those words and advice until now, and I guess forever..

It’s hard for me still, to put the word. But by now you read this, you will know what I’m saying.

I’ve been dealing it by myself. Only open details to people I comfortable the most. I hardly put or write out about anything that I consider personally private. Even my personal ones, I hardly put out. But in this matter, or anything of my personal experience, or things, I can now, but I only put out a tip of mine. And to do this even tough for me.. But I try, every day. As someone I met last year, telling me there’s nothing wrong to talk about personal things to people, by right no mention and detail of the person.. And as I learned, it’s true that everybody does.

And so I learned to let go. Actually even from someone who told me to do so, to let go.. A friend of mine. Who already passed but forever I hold on to the words I’ve been told by..

And recently, I started told myself, if I feel no good for my health from some people, specially for mental and emotional health.. I think and decide what’s best for myself, I’ll set boundaries. To anyone. Just any.

As realised, I did, to some people already. Where if I hold on to what’s my boundaries is, and if it’s been crossed over, I may not have interactions with them. And I feel like, can say I feel better. Although I still will have very very few little responses towards them, I just decided not to take the conversation or the answer to the extent. And I found out, that’s how I deal with these all and how I do, one step to let go, so the matter or a matter won’t play in mind for a long time.

I found out so many people did write and share in here too, about this thing, this matter. Still hard for me, but I just hope people who read, know that you’re not going through it alone. And can open up to one you feel comfortable the most. Or, if you want to share, I think it can be an awareness too, for others to know and learn about it.

And yes…. I think I do put or write out, or do my scrapbook, and focus on my artwork, or even do my gardening, it’s what I do to get to letting go process, and as I said mine, where I set boundaries with people around me. And I found out it’s work for me so far, not easy but it work. And yea… Remind myself that I can’t control everything.

So….. I hope to anyone who have tough times with letting go things like that, you can do it.

Stay strong, stay safe. You’re doing good..!

Gardening: Outdoor Work After Covid

The other day I shared my own experience with Covid.

Ever since I have this kind of worries about my body if I do heavy work, such as gardening and landscaping.

And just today, I mean yesterday if following my local time. But I just did light ones rather than heavy such as, hoe-ing soil on the ground. I wish I can…. But maybe in next few days, as my cough and pain on my chest still ongoing in this Long-Covid phase..

That’s my machete….? Yes. It’s rooster by the way.

I did clear up and chopped off few area full of bushes. I did mostly near our house construction. Just packed and so much of wild plants around so, pulled off grass and stuff only.

So I’m just gonna summarize all from first photo: new branches and blooms of Melati flowers, a basin with baby pumpkin, mangoes babies and it’s all accidentally grow out, mini cucumber baby, a bin full of Spinach, another baby pumpkin, and last one chillies babies.

I’ll repot them all soon, any of it will be on pots and some will be straight onto ground where my garden to be is set. By the way, the garden area only left to set up is a small garden door, that’s the only now. I’ll set up simple system for it soon, before I decide to set properly. Then I’ll relocate my green babies.

So far, I’m alright doing outdoor work. But I won’t push myself either because of the cough specially so, I’ll take time with all of these. Try to enjoy the process, try to set my no stress zone currently as it to love myself… Which I decided to so, more, since before my birthday last year. I love myself of course but it’s like giving myself more in every level… We must, we have, we need to……!

Stat safe, and night.

Gardening: Red Spinach!

So this is just updating what I’m up to with my garden plan.

This will be short, I’ll try.

Last week I decided to sow Red Spinach. Because I never did..! So it’s the first one, first round.

Yayyy to it when I saw it all out! Mean it’s a good seeds.

I did sowed Lettuce Salad and Kale, so far none to be seen.. But it’s alright. I’ll try again. With recent weather, cloudy and rainy, sunlight can say limited as there’s more clouds, rain clouds.. So maybe lack of sunlight I guess.. But it’s alright, I’m okay, just waiting to sow new seeds batch.

And yesterday, this plant bloom its flower, after I decided to cut half of all the height it had been growing for a long time.

I cut off so it will grow fresh, and hopefully it will have more branches. But I think I need a multipurpose compose and new pot for it alone. This flower plant is easy actually in my country as it suits with hot, humid, and rainy weather. This one survived long long time. I think almost 10 years?

So that’s all as my phone battery low.

I’ll try to keep up with my blog. I miss in here. And, for the first time ever, I decided also, to share my artworks with you guys.

Will do it soon. Stay safe!

Some Thoughts: Life After Covid19

It’s been a while since last update and it was on January??

The thing was, I’ve been dealing with stuff and it was that my Sony smartphone was broken.. I can’t update since, as it was on off on off – it can’t be started, it’ll shut down less than a minute, and so, I don’t have access to my phone and Internet, obviously. As how I back? Yes, big brother gave me his old smartphone, it’s good and yes using it now.

But it was such a deep decision to make for me to installed all apps that I’ve been using from my Sony smartphone. And WordPress app just installed hours ago.

So what’s with my things and life?

I think it’s a month now, I infected with Covid…….. It was something that I never thought, I will, after 2 years and half, taking care of myself, sanitize every single time I went out, wearing face mask, like…… It’s crazy to think it, specially how I infected with it in the first place..

The experience just, it all started with when my nostril, felt so painful, I had lozenges like 3 of it, and woke up my throat felt like it was expended and bubbly kind of like scratchy, and I started to feel aching around my upper back shoulders, at the same time I started to had this hot and cold sensation of fever….. It was seriously, in my mind I thought it was just a normal sore throat that caused all of it as from my health history, back when I was in school, that usually I ended up with fever and flu and cough later on but at the same time. So I thought that was it.

Until, the fever pattern was weird. In the morning, yes I’m on fever but the sensation like cool, mild hot as it fever, and I felt hot, as sunlight and heat all together, so it was not that bad. But changed when night came, I was felt so cold like seriously cold, until I became like fetus position with my blanket on. It was so so cold, with fever! Yes, I was tired, fatigued as we aware of the symptoms of Omicron – it’s one of it right. So I could say I was infected by it. Flu like yes but I had sneezing, and I had cough, and now I’m on my Long-Covid phase……

I felt bad as later on, my father started to show the same symptoms. Only at the time I started to feel “this is not usual sore throat”, and I was a bit better at the time. Later that night, I and family decided to get the Covid19 test kit. For each one of us in the house. We all did, as the result both of my parents are positive…… I was negative, and at the time I was two or three days done, passed from my quarantine phase, but I’m sure it was me that caught the virus……… I felt bad, I just so frustrated….. But alhamdulillah, both of my parents are well. We just have cough now. And it’s tiring with the cough..

Hm yea I feel frustrated, still a bit, but it happened already but at least with vaccines and booster, I hope we all well, and hope that the cure for after effect of Covid will be discover soon, one day.. I just hope it will slowly away and gone, if it’s not gone at least we tackle it so it will just slow and slowing down. I just hope that.

As for now, please do take care all the time, always even though most countries have no strict rules anymore regarding Covid.

So yea… That was it. Stay safe everyone!