Gardening: Relocating

I started to clear up bushes in my garden.

And relocated just few of my plants. The truth was until yesterday that I managed to relocated those plants. Not many but I just know I can’t wait any longer, as those baby plants need room to grow better.

2 chilies and 1 pumpkin.

For this first time on the new area and soil, as I did once back in 2020, if I’m not wrong, just different area, I just kind of monitor them for time to time, while I’m ready for new batch of seeds to sow.

A bit tough for now, as weather change so much these days in my area. The result, my recent sowing didn’t sprout at all.. I was kind of frustrated. But it’s alright. Some take time to sprout isn’t it? So else than that, I just cleared up and cutting off for maintenance. Specially for wild moss that grow so much since me and my father clear the area last year.

Yesterday was great.

I decided to get back to usual evening routine, with my gardening, seeds, and get active.

Since I caught up with Covid, like almost 2 months ago, which I was in a week with the flu, fever symptoms, I was worried or scared…? As my chest does feel pain sometimes and still have dry cough from the infection.. It’s tough but yes, slowly I’m on it again.

So that’s my boots work for every day gardening.

Need a new pair!


Gardening: Garden’s Door!


After couple of months, with me facing covid and symptoms after it, I was kind of worried about my body condition. What I mean how if I do gardening things can effect on myself?

So far nothing serious. And yesterday, midnight writing here, now. So yesterday was the last important part of the garden to be, the door!

Finally my garden have the door. It’s so important as I, we family our goat pet, name Miss Kembang.

Back to the door. It was all thank you to my sister, who moved in back with me, us. She the one that set up, drilled the screws, and set a simple lock system for the door.

Yes. I’m the one who choose the wood pallet as the door. It was 2 years old already, if I’m not wrong? Since pandemic hit, stay still in our garage, so I said “why not?”

Last on list, I will paint it. Of course using exterior paint, so probably oil based paint. And still deciding and thinking what colour. I feel like blue, but at the same time pastel kind of colour. And maybe as with my sister’s plan, we might set a pergola above my garden’s door. As with weather conditions in my country.. So, need one. See what we will up to, soon.

Front view of my garden. Still tons to do. But at least I got water set!

I have to do everything slowly, as I can feel the after covid effect on my body. I just hope nothing serious insha Allah, and eat well.

Stay safe people.

Gardening: New Peat Moss, New Seed In Family

Last week I bought new peat moss, and new seed!

So here we go.


2 bags only…. As price increase, I decided to be on budget everytime.

These 2 bags of peat moss are imported from Euro, as in description at the packing.

And new seed!

Cosmos Mix, for this one? As I learned, and the reason I bought this seed it’s because for the leaves. In here, our ulam, which raw and various of leaves to eat with rice and our kind of dipping sauce, we called sambal or belacan. Of course both of these and ulam leaves are eat together. We will pick and clean them, and ready to eat. Can check my post which I wrote about ulam.

So I still not sow it. But I will.

Recent weather not really sunny. So I think I might wait just a little bit longer, when sunlight is more than usual.

As for now, I need to focus on my body and health, after my Covid last time.

Stay safe everyone.