Accessory: Earrings

I done more stuff lately.

Quick one! Earrings for THE VARIETY collection…!

For now I decided to play with single colour first. Once done all colours, I will start mix of colours and new beads, maybe?

Here’s upclose to each of it.

Back then, I just not think much of design. All I went to this and this and this and done. There was no specific what I want a pair of earrings to looks like. But now, with new things and visions, I just want a pair of earrings of MICOLLI MADE are well handcrafted, well made for women who want to have it.

Suitable for any ceremony, occasions, and every day wear. Looking pretty and match with dress up, MICOLLI MADE offer you these earrings from THE VARIETY collection. More to come soon.

Check them out at Instagram, link on pages. Once there, go to highlights section on Instagram, click THE VARIETY for price. DM to order via there, Instagram of MICOLLI MADE.

I will update more soon.. Stay tuned!


Accessory: Another Collection

My Micolli Made, is a rebrand of my small accessory business, specially for women.

Many collection already, and another one is CLASSIC collection.

I’ll talk about bracelets first. For this collection I set with small pearl, not natural one, mix with bead of colours.

Yes. This many.

Adjustable and simple, yet looking good. Suitable for any age!

Available on Instagram, link on my pages, catalogue and price details available on Instagram there, any interest, kindly DM to order from the profile.

To say, I love making all of these, while thinking that it’s unbelievable how I ended up decided to open and rebrand my old accessory business. It’s like a small step back and forward still, while being a full time illustration artist. And my new blog Arts Of People here on WordPress too.

It’s like… I may not be a full time illustration artist that in and out galleries, but I maybe become artist that do many of art related, like go through the small branches of the art scene itself right now.. Make me feel like, maybe, just maybe, this is me as full time artist…? Maybe.

So.. Next again, I up here bit by bit since so many of it! And please do, any questions, comment on this post, whatever you feel you want to ask, or order? Why not.

And so do check out and follow my blog, specifically for people’s story, which I will update time to time.

See you again.

Cooking: Simple Lunch

Rain always give me some kind of feeling, like, the feeling like a need to keep on going no matter what, like move forward.

Raining today, and most of days these days. Today both parents out. And I thought maybe they will have lunch outside, but not. So I try to figure out what I can cook that can taste good with rice.

I did it.

First I set to cook are rice. Because it’s take time. Second, I cooked green veggie, and yea.. I forgot it was pak choy or sawi hijau. For veggie, I usually cut to bite size. Little bit of oil, I put onion which I already cut, then the veggie, then added water just enough passed the amount of veggie, then added a bit of salt. Once the water which as its soup boiled, yes it’s done.

Third, I cooked an omelette with onion. I guess this one is famous, so let’s move to the last one, eggplant or brinjal. I cut one eggplant to 4, then cut to 3 or 4 pieces from each 4 cuts before. Added turmeric powder, then added lil bit of salt. Deep fried it all. Once done, let it set. For the sauce which not so sauce like, but it is what it is. I set with 2 red chillies, and 2 small chillies, in my language it called cili padi. Much spicy than red chillies. Set oil, put onion which I already cut, obviously. Added all chillies, then added a bit of water and let it turned thick. Then pour on the eggplant that already been fried.

And I have it with rice. It’s good to me, every time.

Okay, next time again on cooking section. It’s been a long time from last one.

Accessory: Products And Stuff

True is… I still feel like, not so confident with what I’m back on. It’s like so – so kind of felling of confidence.

But I’m here and later work on new stuff, I mean, making, new stuff. Just, let’s see what MICOLLI MADE have to offer.

For the first collection, which I inspired by beachy, nature, and whatever that close to water, OCEANSEA collection of bracelets was the first for collection that I decided to go with for my brand. For these bracelets, it’s simple with clear beads and colours, and whatever that have to do with beach, such as shells specially, I choose to go with it. And for the design in overall, it all adjustable, with thin of cord. Fit well for anyone who buy it.

Currently available for these colours.

There’s more from this collection. I’ll up here time to time. Meanwhile, you can check out more @/micollimade on Instagram, I set link on my pages tab, check it outtt and if interested, feel free to DM through there.

Catalogue are available on highlights.

As I said before, currently MICOLLI MADE only have Instagram.

Thank you for your support even if you read and like this post, if you check out the store on Instagram, feel free to follow if you like, whatever you feel about this, thank you.

Artwork: Small Works Before December And New Blog!

Quick in here, it’s midnight.

Currently I’m working on my A2 size artwork, but before November, I already decided to start on new small works, at least 3 pieces! These 3 will be an additional to few small works that I already have and these 3, along with few others, will be on sale without frame.

Sneak peek at it, a bit, because I have a hard time to just put out online if my work still in progress! Every time I just feel can’t put my work in progress online except if it it’s 100% done. Which not good as I make myself stuck between my own feeling to up it online, weird and strange, but I’ve been dealing with it for a long time. But there’s a thinking of mine which I decided “why not?”.

Snippet also here, this is the A2 in progress. This is new theme for this first one, as decided, I’ll do few more. Each knot will have different pattern. So far, this is the fastest one in progress, but I just have to do new small works as it’s really important.

And my let go sale artworks will come soon, which I’ll be put in here and all my social media platforms, links all on my pages now..!

Each post will have 3 to 4 artworks, it will be a let go price, so price are much cheaper. Please do, stay tuned and check them out once they’re all up.

Off now, and new blog already set, Arts Of People, my second blog for story of people, link on pages.