Accessory: Busy!

I was so tired since when I can’t even remember. I think since make more stuff for my brand..

These past few days, I’ve been outing with my parents a lot, as to find materials for products and all. Offline and online shopping happened.

So.. I’ll post and write more in here later on. With photos of course.

Catch up with guys later!


Accessory: The Online Shop

It’s been a long time!

Kind of busy with my mess, which a good mess. Yes. I’ve been making stuff for my MICOLLI MADE! And decided to set a shop, an online shop for it. Alhamdulillah.. I made it…. It was, rough.

For that, I also set a TikTok for my brand. Head to @/micollimade on TikTok.

And as for still new, I just up what already available. So let me share here.

These bracelets and necklaces from OCEANSEA, THE VARIETY and CLASSIC collections now available on shop.

More update on IG at @/micollimade!

So head up to these 3 profiles of my MICOLLI MADE because for now, these sites only. Plus update on here, my personal blog… Please do, check it out. And if there’s any questions, please just comments on this post. On IG and TikTok, DM to order are open too.

Thank you so much if you did check out the shop..!