Gardening: Fixing Pavers

Last time was 4 days ago? Time flies so fast..

Midnight here.. Quick one I guess.

The other day of my dad’s project was good. Then we continued with chopped off our long time citrus tree. The root wand crazy and tough one. It took my energy off like seriously. So… this is the root. Main part of it.

That big. You can see the size compared to cans there in a first photo. For second photo, that’s the balance of the root. We will dog it all out soon, as for now, which 2 days ago me and my dad started open, dug out some part of pavers to rearrange and re-level.

The difference between where all pavers was arranged and the beam, left side of it all, just huge…. As the result, when rain come, all just full in the area, where you can see, I did scrapped all the grass and weeds and soil…. it was fun actually..

My dad enjoy the part where he could just pull off those pavers using the hook eye hoe.

And yes.. I collect some beautiful rocks and snail’s shells.. Hmm I’ve been thinking for it as my artwork references, but not sure yet, or probably for my accessory business…

Okay…. Need my nap. I cook more lately I feel good, better, like ya know.. Chill like that…. Well, give myself time.. We all need it right..


Gardening: So Far!

Hey it’s midnight and I’m update stuff, plus still thinking specific and particularly for what exactly for a planner that I want to write as someone gave me last year.

That one I won’t put in here. That just for my personal one… Anyway, update on my dad’s project.

We, as me and my dad, on his project. As for yesterday, we did it so much although the progress can say slow, well… It’s just 2 of us. But we managed to cleared grass and already planning for where-to-where part to go with pavers soon. And sad thing is, yea, we decided to chopped off our long time 2 in 1 citrus tree, a unique one… 2 types of limes from 1 root… But it’s part of the will be pavers area so, I did the chopping part…. Thank you tree..

But as there’s not enough budget for pavers which costy a bit and a bit more costy than the last time I bought, which was at the beginning of the pandemic… So.. Definitely, the price different now. So.. I can only wait for my dad’s green light.

While doing all that, I chooses to picked all the wild white flowers that blooming like crazy this time. I set 2 bouquet of it…. And yes, these are for ones that gave me love and memories.. I don’t think I’m gonna open about it, so yea, it’s my thing, that I usually do when the flowers blooms. I didn’t get the chance to do so last year as there was more rain, until recently there’s more sunny….. So the flowers’ here, I was just “yes, I must pick it”. For me maybe tomorrow or whenever I can get to.

I only open on my IG, but story only. I hardly to open when it one that give me a big impact in my life, as person stretch to my personal and opinions and feeling and so so on…. In any aspects, I realised that, I have part that I couldn’t put if it gives me impact on specific parts of myself… I believe, we all have it, isn’t it..?

It’s, memorable things kind of.

Scrapbooking: New Pages

So last night I did updated my junk journal and my period tracker, which I use small sized book.

I updated my period tracker. For each page have 3 months checks. As for 3 months for last year, and for January to March this year. I love and more into traditional way when come to stationary things – obviously as an artist who do on paper and pen, pencil like that.. But it’s because since little I like to play and go with papers. Else than making random collage of pretty things from magazine, to collection of celebrity such as Avril Lavigne.

I too, update my junk journal. Small part of it I’m using paper bag or wrap from Kenny Rogers’ Rooster restaurant. Yes, I’m just throw paper bag or wrap these days as I realised I could use it to do my journal, as background of pages.

For now, I keep them like this. There’s also notebook for my candidates for my second blog, and as for planner and its own pen, I keep it on its box. This planner is special one.. So every time I used, I’ll make sure it on its box with its pen.

I’ll be update things time to time here. As for artwork, there will be new things so follow my art IG and all, by click on links tab on my homepage here.

Gardening: White Wild Flowers

Rain back again, 3 days already. No outdoor activities hmm but sunny days one week plus, there’s my favourite wild flowers blooming.

These wild flowers… My favourite whenever its blooming around our home ground. Since I don’t know to be exact the actual name, I simply call them “white wild flowers”. And every time its blooming, I picked up as a bouquet of it, one bouquet for myself or any area in our home, another for my pets.

I should snap some close ones. Which I will. But I’m worry I couldn’t as I have an family things for few days, with raining, uhmm worry it all gone and I have to wait for sunny days after rainy season… Hopefully there’s sunny, at least I can continue my dad’s project… It’s important for us actually.

I need to prepare for my stay at hospital this evening, so yea……. I should get ready, in few minutes.

So see you soon.

Artwork: Old Art Stuff?

Midnight here, so I’ll be quick!

Few days ago I finally set everything of my old stuff at my art desk. After years I stop using them all.

Yes. I bought these years ago, and ended up I didn’t use it. Most of them not even I take out from its packaging…

I stick to my black and white artwork style years since 2018, and details with patterns and lines since. But as I learned, and downs many times, and some mostly are personal related, somehow, at the time I was to clear up my IG @/anugerah_gee – scrolling down and seeing all my past works just.. nostalgic.. And I miss my old artworks….. It feels so long since last one.

Did asked my mom, she said “go on with it”.. That was when I started to feel like, “why not again..?”. The decision was also influenced by remember my conversation with a curator for a gallery, so this one decision influence by many factors that I can say finally, I just go with what I’ve been feeling yet hold back…. That scrolling was “why not you just embrace that colourful part of you?”… Crazy still, I still in process realise how I can decide this? Years of holding back for what I just don’t know why… But, I learned and still learning to do so, let go and accept.

Soon I’ll share more of my artworks, so stay tuned!

Gardening: Landscaping?

Said that I recently involved with my dad’s project, one of his. So let see quick!


The area was pavered. I think like 10 years ago..? So, my dad just wanted things clear and he and me will redo part of it, which not the area above, but yes, we will also re-level this one area.

In these photos, I just scrapped all sand and soil that mixed together for years. True, it was hard, I had to knocked and cut off using my hoe. Since it’s a red soil, it in phase of red rock formation. The happy thing that we don’t need to add pavers in the area, maybe only add some concrete soon.

Replaced them all took some time too.

Still have few last of them, just the area. Once done, my dad plan that we can start redo by take out some amount of pavers, on the area that we will re-level, using this sand and soil that mixed together, that I replaced. We will set them, level them well, and as for my idea, we will set a sheet of grey and black plastic – which to slow down the growth of the moss, grass, and weeds from roots from the sand and mix.

I hope that my dad’s project come together as he wanted, as it’s only he and me will do this project and yes, we take time with it too!

It’s almost dawn, need a nap first. Good day everyone.

Some Thoughts: New Year, New…?

Happy new year!

Alhamdulillah… 2023… Still feel like “How time flies so fast!”

I’ve been making lot of decision last couple of months before entering this year. And it was tough, but at the same time, calm.

So for real, yes, I’m on something with art and artwork related. While, alongside with my old business and my second blog, – do visit, as I’ll be back to start writing on the blog time to time.

While doing all of my things, I also slowly back on my outdoor activities. It been so longgg since proper one routine that I have once before caught covid. Plus, with rain season, I couldn’t get for daily outdoor work. And now almost 2 weeks, the season changed… Kind of nostalgic to me. As for how I gear up and all. Just this time, I’m joining my dad’s plan for few reconstructions and projects that he have for our house.

Well I don’t have much of expectations or whatever, just maybe focus more on myself and my things. All. Physical, mental, emotion, and spiritual. I want at least better. Like everyone else of course.

I’ll be update here time to time. I want to sure I write and post! And I want to tackle for fast and simple writing, perhaps….? We’ll see.