Some Thoughts: New Month

I miss here…..

Been away, and last one was on 21st January… I had things that have to do, not only daily, but few different things. Else than focus on my artwork stuff, I too dealt with personal matter… obviously, we as a human..

Yesterday’s sky and clouds, while do my outdoor work with my bap, my dad, I call him bap..

Been tough since past few days or last week, or can I say lately? Because there’s things personally I’ve been dealing with, but most now I poured in my diary.. A book, a planner, gave to me as a present last year… It’s, a journey, too… In silence, in quite interesting kind of feeling with writing in a book, a physical thing, in your two hands… I’ll keep the book forever even if I’m finished with it, including its pen… I’ll, treasure it….

February, it always been a month that, it’s like a jump for us, like it’s feel fast…? Kind of? This month, my bap’s project have to slow down a bit, as we waiting for budget to buy a pallet of pavers to continue.. Meanwhile, bap’s started set wiring for my lil sis’ room house for me to move in there, it will be like a guest house, but more for myself, second room house like that.. Me and bap started clear up some area that usually, I’m doing it, an outdoor stairs lead to a courtyard like area with pavers.. I plan to set a fence using bamboo soon, so our Miss Kembang the goat can’t go around pooping and fertilize grass and weeds there, because I plan for it to be a garden..

My last garden area already set since last year, but can’t do much as the soil, raining season, plus with me catching up with bap’s projects… So, I think I let that one area go, and set near and close to house kitchen..

So I hope I can keep up in here.. Or, you can follow me on my artwork Instagram @/anugerah_gee, because I’m active there more actually.. Night…