Some Thoughts: New Blog Launched!

Last night, I decided to launch my second blog!

True is, I know it’s a serious thing. Because it’s involved other people. Meaning, their time, energy, efforts, and mental, to deliver theirs, and I deliver on my side – writing what they do for a living, how they make it happen, how they deal with it all. Literally, it’s like a work to me.

Although it’s like a work, it’s not a job.. Obviously.. But I do it, because I like to write. And I personally think, writing a person’s life mean, I let others, including myself, learning to understand and know that each one of has a story, and so, have struggle – which one of most part in our life that being dismissed, just because the success we achieve.

So, please do, check it out, as I’ll be update time to time. It’s unique? Because it will be people from any field, with different experiences, different backgrounds, and challenges, and all.

So.. I think… That’s why I choose to do this second blog, this one, just to write about people and their story life. I really hope, from there, people and readers, acknowledge that each one of us go through something while try to do, to be, to have something in this life.. And, so we learned, to at least, respect.. And that’s what I ever trying to do, and still do, with people around me, and so for myself..


Some Thoughts: Launching Soon?

Yes. I’m on to something for my second blog.

Which it will be my focus for this year, and maybe in the future. While I already mentioned the blog, on my previous post, in real time, I’m still not! I keep it low a bit since I’m still working on it, posting stories.

I plan for it, as I want it to be a solidly for stories of people. And, I want to able to put as much as I can, and the best that I can.

Different from this blog. As it’s more direct and personal with me, while on the other one, I narrated to readers. It’s tough, to say seriously. Not easy for me. But I hope, I’ll improve time to time. I could say that the blog, it’s meaningful to me… Because, there’s process for me to step and decided to go with it, and write people’s lives…

I think, there’s quote like, “we love the place not because of the place itself only, but because of the people..”, something like that… And so… As my personally private matter that I’ve been dealing with like almost 3 years since… I think, within the time that I decided to go with this second blog…

I think for the date. It will be soon? I hope!

Some Thoughts: New Blog On The Way?

Last year, on November, I launched a new blog as for creative writing! You can give a follow if you like, because I’ll be working on it soon.

After launch my second blog, unfortunately, I was focused on my artwork stuff, so called for me to set a solo.. It didn’t happened.. As early this month, a should be discussion turned to personal growth related, that I feel it crosses my boundaries.. Although part of it, are true, and I accept it, part of it just.. Well, you know how it feels like… So, I’m on my commission, and I hope if anyone in here interested for commission, let me know!

COMMISSION OPEN FOR, book cover, novel cover, zine cover, album cover, and small side project. Kindly DM me through my official IG @/anugerah_gee, or email at

As for my second blog, you can read the introduction first as what is the blog about! Seriously, I can’t wait to write as I want, as what I really want to write about.

I think, writing, it’s part of me I guess… It’s always been there, just I never thought about it as something else than just interest, like a hobby. Bit it’s actually, more than just interest. I have learned, to know, or recognise the reason behind why I write.

So. Do check on my second blog. Can’t wait!

Some Thoughts: Writing Scene…?

It’s dawn. Misty and foggy. And it’s cold feel for past couple of days.

It’s because rainy days for 2 days already. And I’m not focus much on my artwork.

Photo on morning day, like a week ago..

Lil sis back in here, for few days. Today at evening, she’ll be back to her place. On Eid Day, she’ll be back again insha Allah, and maybe the other one too..

So… Today, if it’s not today, it was yesterday and days before. I do feel like, I would like to and want to go with writing scene…? Aren’t this just like, random? So suddenly right…? I love writing, actually, if not… Well… Why I’m even blogging? And before WordPress, I’m on Blogspot for quite a while, like, years, before the traffic there just so slow like, dropping drastically.. It was tough..

So why I feel like want to go with writing scene? Well, I could say, somehow, writing maybe actually is my therapy things, for myself, for whole this time, without realising the fact it is. Not only blogging like this, but, I do write on a book, a planner. Else than that, I do scrapbooking, I have a period tracker, and few couple of books for planning my artwork and stuff, including an account book.. I mean, physical books.

Having all these books, I feel like, am I enjoy or just liking of writing? Am I passionate about writing? To some point, I do feel the need to write out like in here, blogging, and some and most on my IG story… Yes, I will write my opinion sometimes like really, writing out on certain or specific issues. So… Am I a writer? Like, I wonder deep so suddenly.. And I feel like I want an answer to it…

Or.. I just a person who just liking of writing.. As I do artwork, an illustration, an illustrator, it’s hard for me currently. My COMMISSION ARE OPEN, and I would love to accept a project, such as:

Book cover, novel cover, zine cover, album cover, small side project. Kindly DM me via IG @/anugerah_gee or email at

For now… I don’t really have answer to go with it or not, and so, for both art and writing world. Maybe, just maybe.. I just love both, just at different levels..? I’m not sure but, let’s see how things go….. Plus… I still have focus for others such as, gardening.. I need to continue it but, as rain and fasting.. A bit tough for me… For past few years now..

Some Thoughts: Ramadan 2023

Done first day of Ramadan. Which I’m, okay with it.

This year probably just all simple ones, nothing fancy like I used to cook.

This was from my sahur, last night. Morning? As we have at 5.30am. I make sure all done before 5.30am.. That’s all..

For energy, I just cooked eggs with soy sauce with red chilli. And, raw ulam, a few leaves of cabbage..

It’s, tough, actually.. I’m going through stuff currently so.. I feel like, tired.. I don’t know what’s going on with my body. Most thing that I know it’s that when Ramadan come, I can’t sleep… Because I’m worry there’s no sahur. Plus who else will do it it right…. So yeah….

But I can have a nap, but alarm need to set. If not I’ll sleep like just sleep.. Ready for sahur at 4.30am, must cook rice, if not, this can cause late… Not liking it..

Artwork: Me…? Intro!

Hi. I’m Anugerah Gee.

I’m an details, fantasy illustrator. Mainly using pen on paper as for medium. Focusing on, and inspired by specific issue, topic, and matter. With my Knight Head character, I set it as mascot that symbolise human, exploring through experience of psychology, feeling, and emotion, with open space and dive into the world of details..

Me, and nice to meet you!

With my work “To You, For You, From You”, ink on paper, A2, 2023.

Me, with 2 of my artworks, from Random Size Experiment, flowers and abandoned theme theme.

My works go from the theme to theme. Some are full of grass and flowers, some full landscapes of house. Some are from my interest in my daily life routine, to my dad’s small project, and some are so close from my personal growth matters..

Currently, and for the time being, I’m OPEN FOR COMMISSION.

Kindly DM me through my official IG @anugerahgee or, email at

I shared on my previous post about my 3 types of commission, including pet portrait. If you interested, as above, email or DM.

And….. I don’t like my face to be on, this kind of thing to do.. But, pretend that I agreed with this kind of post. Sooo awkwarddddd!

See you soon..!

Gardening: March’s Things

I try my best to get active in here. By that I just need to cut short my writing part.

So here’s for my gardening stuff, so far..

These photos I took within this week.

From my new seeds of Spinach and Cosmos err which in my language is Ulam Raja. It took some time to sprout from my observation. For Spinach, it all from old seeds, from old batch, and from last year.. Few of them, did sprout out, some just, so far.. Not really. But I let it stay. See if it all sprout a bit late than usual..

But kind of worry for Spinach, it all might be nothing but weeds…

And as for couple of days now, I did it, set up my new perimeter on my new area. To which I plan to do frontyard garden like. I will plant few important and usually eat by my parents and siblings, more for my parents and myself as green leaf vegetables are green in short time only. So it is better to me, for me to plant few kinds only.. Plus the area just nice to include flower kinds together.

I hope this time I can make it. It’s been a long time since last one actually…. And I can’t wait for the time where my mom also can enjoy the garden…. The area with pavers, like a round pathway, just with edges. It was an outdoor kitchen things, wet one.. But abandoned since, but more like not function as it was before to which I decided to go with it, as my garden…. Plus it’s part where me and family cross for walk like that….

So yes. My daily life. Which I want to put more effort into it too…. And will try to post more!

Artwork: Open Commissions

Hello peeps!

Tonight I’m writing for my recent decisions on commission.. Actually, it’s already been done but not publicly up on my IG and Twitter.

So I’ve been posted about it like within this month?? If I’m not mistaken myself. So here it is:-

So I have 3 types of commission. All details already sets as you can see. For details illustration, I only do black and white, with my character Knight Head involved.

For dark figurative illustration, I do black and white and also colours involved.

And for pet portrait, I only do black and white. For this you can request for name inscription in the portrait.

All request for commission will be given a form for details.

More info upon request, kindly DM me or email and for further infos. Can discuss, but please do acknowledge that artwork are hand draw, with size, some can take 1 – 2 weeks, and the bigger the longer the time for me to finish it. I hope for patience.

If you interested, do let me know as I explained above. Thank you!

Books: A Darkling Plain, by Philip Reeve

It’s morning and after dawn now.

I decided to read, continue reading, book 4 of Mortal Engines quartet, by author Philip Reeve.

I bought this one around, 2019? If I’m not mistaken. Started read after bought it. But around mid 2020, I ordered another 2 books from the quartet, book 2 Predator’s Gold and book 3 Infernal Devices. As the result I paused for book 4, and read book 2, then book 3. So I can understand how the story after Mortal Engines, which I go with the movie. I love the movie seriously. And because of the movie too, I decided to go with reading, by buying physical books/novels of the series.

Just say it out…. I’m not a reading person. But, because of the story of Mortal Engines, the movie, I wanted to read! I think it’s nothing wrong, and can say that it cause me wanting to read, it’s a good thing. And as slow reader, obviously, as I’m focus on my artwork stuff, things at home, gardening, for myself me time such as gaming – these, all take time. Plus, I’m not a person or people that involved in writing and linguistic matters, so to me, it’s different a bit. As I started to know people from writing scene, it’s crazy! They can read like what… in 5 hours…? To me, we have things every day, and facing it all, to each one if us, it’s all in different ways….

So…. Slowly, I’m gonna finish this book before end of this year, and can start reading the prequel books, whic6i bought it all last April.. Yea.. Almost a year, but it’s okay.. As long as I read it, I think I’m good.. I just can’t wait to know how Mortal Engines era and life actually started in this dystopian future. It’s too interesting to me..! It’s cool, just, it’s so feeling to me, specially from the movie. The visuals are awesome, picturing how life at the time… it’s just crazy fantasy.

I’ll be update on this, time to time. Currently I’m focus on my artwork stuff, so it’s tough as my sleep, it just gain in hour hm I feel weird, but open topic about it on later post.

Take care guys!

Gardening: New, Simply Near Area

Hiiii to new followers in here! Nice to meet you guys, from anywhere you’re from!

So, remember I set my garden area to be? Yea, but I can’t work on there… I feel bad actually, but the reason is that I realised I can’t even be there even if I wanted to, as it’s at edge of where our main house located. So… I feel like I have to pass on that one…. But, I decided to go with medium space? Considering as for garden?

It’s our pavers garden, to which, actually no garden – because there was no flowers before, like years since my mom plan and set for it when we had two gardeners back then… No exact ‘garden’… So in pandemic era that I started plants Spider Lilies, to which they’re all grow so well…. And now, I mean, few weeks back I decided to set it as frontyard garden. I can’t wait, but already started, 2 days already.

You see hmm…. This mess, since last year I maintain the area…. All down when I caught covid last year, and as the result, true that I’m kind of worry or scared to do my outdoor work since. It was half year that I’m not doing my outdoor work, like every single day I do, before covid…… And, early this year, I realised, I gained so much that I started to feel like…. Pressure….? I don’t like it… With stuff at home, as I’m considering full time artist, which yes, I do illustrations of details in black and white, I just can’t get time to exercise, but rather than nothing, I choose to go with gardening or landscaping, which I feel relieved every time… Feel great.

So far I managed to hoe on compose on surface area, which is pavers. It’s like a pathway of pavers. Next step will be set up the fences, yesss I’m so into it. To which I plan for bamboo fence.. Since, yea, our home ground full of it! I’ll be going to chop few of it of how many that I need, for fences.

Once done, I’ll be need help from my dad to set 2 garden grille, door…? Which will be made out of bamboo. And ladt step, I’ll be ready the soils. For now, I still growing veggie on my bins. For now, just Spinach.. That’s it…. As we still receive rain time to time.

Photos are from first day for this small project. I choose the area since its the nearest to our main building of our house. Plus, it’s flat compared to the area I took last year…. 2 years, ago..? I feel like it..? It’s alright, whatever, but maybe I might use it the future? Who knows right….?

For now, this is the area. Just nice, big enough for me to plant few kinds.

Ok. Need a sleep, I have things to settle. Take care!