Gardening: Little Greenhouse

Few days ago I started gave myself time for sow new seeds.

By third day, I decided I needed to do a small greenhouse. But I can’t do something fancy, but poped up in my mind.. “why not recycle?”

Yes, I decided to set my old cat cage, considered as 2 tiers as my small greenhouse. And so, I did recycled few plastic bottles and cups for my new seeds.

These was while I’m working on them. I set a cover, and tide on top of the cage. Then layered those ladders. There, where I placed all new seeds. I even used old plastic bowls. I realised too I made mistakes while doing the process, but as many self-taught gardeners, learning about it all from the process and experience are the best..

And yes, for the onions, I usually do that. It’s just where I wanted it grow its leaves, for cooking. So I hope they all sprout well..

So for now, I just need to finish the fence project, which almost almost done by now. Seriously can’t wait to set two doors, with the help from my dad – credit to him!. Once done, I’ll be moving a lotsss of garden stuff of mine, such as pots and recycle plastic bottles and cups, and bowls. Garden settings like, chairs, maybe, with table soon. Need some decorations for my garden.. just can’t wait..!

Update again soon. Erghh can’t wait but have too.


Gardening: Fences

Last week was, hectic…

So just this week, considered half of this week I can get a chance to do my stuff, and blog..

Couple days ago, I back on my garden plan and landscape.

So far, to me, just good as want and hope for.

I got my hand bruised, after long time not holding an axe, which only metal tool to hit L metals for fence. Those L metals are cut by my dad, credited to him, for helping me in any project. And so, I decided to reuse all netting for fences here.. plus, it all rust resistance, which expensive these days, so reuse from old project, which some not even finished….

And as for yesterday, me in my boots, old already and need a new one but couldn’t afford it yet… But, as can be seen, my fence project really as I want.

Although I need to fix all before I could start for two garden doors… Seriously, I just hope that I can make the area, the space looks good as I want it to be.. Like, for real this time. Because I don’t want to repeat same mistake that I’ve done since I started gardening like seriously in 2020…

Not choose area and space, to not thinking long enough to set and make fences like properly, and too not choose where to set my greenhouse, space for sow new seeds.. But this time, I said, “I give it a go, here!”.

So yea… So far, this is only..

And I hope I can finish it..

Some Thoughts: Eid Day 2023

Today is a fourth day of Eid, well, since a month of fasting, Ramadan.. It’s still the season.

So on Eid Day last Saturday, local time of my country, me and family just went with our schedule that we had plan couple days before.

We went to KL, our hometown. Where me and siblings grew up to school, and most kindergartens for siblings after me. 3 years of secondary school, most of time not a good story for myself, so, can say I don’t really like talking about old school of my life time.. But, my favourite, our favourite always is the people. Some, people at the area of our old house. There’s a Chinese old small convenient shop, we called Kedai Chong, my dad set that, where we family usually buy stuff, such as snacks, gas, newspapers, drinks, and sorts. Sometimes, the owner deliver our orders, and most of time are gas for cooking….

At the area, I always feel – nostalgic…..

It reminds me of stuff I usually do, games I usually played with siblings, things that daily or frequently do.. Like, a man selling satay on his motorbike.. It was one of the best part at our old house…. Some days, noise from me and siblings. With them, I’m playing skateboard.. While neighbours grandchildren talking, and some others, old couples watering flowers… It was all, memories, that I feel like step into, every time I’m in the area.. So memorable..

Well.. After bought snacks and drinks, to which owners of the shop paid for drinks ones only, we headed to cemetery… To visit our little, youngest brother…. We, well, did whatever we need to. Poured some flowers, and some rose water…. It was, sayu.… A word, where to me, and its in my language, where sad feeling but not, nor happy but just okay or alright set, of what had happened. That’s the word to me…. Little brother, I wonder sometimes.. Like, how he as a person, personally like that… Hmm just a wonder…

Anyway, our schedule continue….

We had McDonald’s for lunch. It was kind of late, it was passed noon, but we decided to had it…. Nothing much. Talking, eating, planning…. That was it. Later after, we continue to visit another cemetery, near by our current house….

After the other cemetery, we went back home….. Had some photoshoot with siblings, but personally I won’t put up in here….. Overall, that was all for my first day Eid Day this year….. And yea… I still feel tired after the day I wanna laugh….

Some Thoughts: Ramadan Almost Done..

Overall, I can say this year I learned to just do it.

It can be anything. Be it what you doing or working on like me, writing currently. Relationship with family members, or working on your health.

This year Ramadan, I think I choose to not force or push myself into something that I know might pressure me, to which can give negative impact on my body, my health..

I hardly writing like this when come to my personal matter or personally private… I don’t think I want to write much on it, like I’m on IG story. It’s, between I’m comfortable with it, or not. But one thing for sure, I write in form where, I can say in general..

So, this time Ramadan almost done, in 2 or 3 days. It’s feel long. Longer than years before. At least, that’s why I feel I think. And for this year’s, I feel like I’m not cooking much like I usually do… Seriously, as I’m in new age, it’s does feel my body aging… With what I have to do, handle, and deal with personally, also at home, it’s, I believe most of us understand how it feels… Like, you want to go somewhere, for vacation, to refresh your everything…. Right? It’s, what I’ve been feeling like to, but no budget and so I can dream and laugh…

This time Ramadan too, more buy than cook… I feel bad actually. But I talked about how my condition will be, before the month started. So yea… I said it. At least for family acknowledgement. Better I believe. Speak up… So, with new blog and stories to cover, it’s challenging. With art.. it does cause me, body, mind, and soul at – “just go one step at a time”… Like, please do it just that, so my health at better state. Rather than to chase one you know, it’s something you can’t control at the end of the day…

So….. That’s what’s up in mind, just write it here, part of it, obviously.. And so, I hope, I can back to routine like, sleep enough, eat enough and well, get active, stay focus on my things, and so on.. Really, I need to finish up my story, but as Eid Day is coming, I’m might slow with it for few days. Please do check it out !

Some Thoughts: This Year Ramadan Is Different

This year are much different from last year.

Last year’s Ramadan, I had this one week before Eid Day that I ended up not cook for break our fasting.. Since I do most of the cooking.. But, after caught covid, this year feel so different.. I think is more than tiredness…

Yup.. I did clean up and washed my potatoes yesterday. And so, I placed them in fridge for now.. Humidity in my area can be so high that it rot few of them hmm..

Anyway.. The thing is.. Some people feel like, just because they can be energetic specially on Ramadan, sometimes think so do every one else. The thing is, it’s not. As time past, else than age as one of the factors, it can be other factors.

To me, after last year’s, come to this year’s Ramadan, I can’t make it… I can’t do the cooking… I let both my parents know even before Ramadan 2023 started, 2 weeks ago… Seriously, I myself feel frustrated. I too, acknowledged my little sis. But I still cook for sahur.

With all condition now, after covid, and my age now, I think it’s contributing to my fatigue. Maybe also, after a week of covid last year, I didn’t active much, since it also rain more than usual… With that, I noticed how my regular 6, 7 hours of sleep, need extra 2, 3 hours of sleep, then I can feel much better or no sleepiness… I’ve been noticed this one most now. And thinking for full check up at hospital as soon as possible when there’s budget…

It’s tougher than last year and years before. I think people need to understand. That different people different health conditions and history tho… hmm…

So I hope I can back to my routine, since I need to finish up and continue my fences making for my new garden area.. But I think I can back to it, only after Eid Day.. We’ll see..

Some Thoughts: New Focus

I’ve been working on for my second blog, now active, at

True that it’s not easy for me. The way I way I have to write in English which is not my mother-tongue or it’s not my first language, as I’m a Malay. Mother-tongue are Malay language, my first language. But it’s true that I feel comfortable writing in English. But I do plan to write in Malay in the future, which I’ll be learning with people that I know in the writing scene. I’m a newbie in the scene and a bit tough sometimes but writing does make me feel better somehow..

Anyway… 4 stories already available on the blog. I hope this blog can go further. For people, to people, to understand, to acknowledge, that each one of us is different in every aspect..

So I hope, you guys give a follow or at least click the link and read what I’m doing there. I have to short on this one as I’m just done break fasting. Maybe I’ll write how I am for this year Ramadan. It’s.. different though…

Some Thoughts: New Blog Launched!

Last night, I decided to launch my second blog!

True is, I know it’s a serious thing. Because it’s involved other people. Meaning, their time, energy, efforts, and mental, to deliver theirs, and I deliver on my side – writing what they do for a living, how they make it happen, how they deal with it all. Literally, it’s like a work to me.

Although it’s like a work, it’s not a job.. Obviously.. But I do it, because I like to write. And I personally think, writing a person’s life mean, I let others, including myself, learning to understand and know that each one of has a story, and so, have struggle – which one of most part in our life that being dismissed, just because the success we achieve.

So, please do, check it out, as I’ll be update time to time. It’s unique? Because it will be people from any field, with different experiences, different backgrounds, and challenges, and all.

So.. I think… That’s why I choose to do this second blog, this one, just to write about people and their story life. I really hope, from there, people and readers, acknowledge that each one of us go through something while try to do, to be, to have something in this life.. And, so we learned, to at least, respect.. And that’s what I ever trying to do, and still do, with people around me, and so for myself..

Some Thoughts: Launching Soon?

Yes. I’m on to something for my second blog.

Which it will be my focus for this year, and maybe in the future. While I already mentioned the blog, on my previous post, in real time, I’m still not! I keep it low a bit since I’m still working on it, posting stories.

I plan for it, as I want it to be a solidly for stories of people. And, I want to able to put as much as I can, and the best that I can.

Different from this blog. As it’s more direct and personal with me, while on the other one, I narrated to readers. It’s tough, to say seriously. Not easy for me. But I hope, I’ll improve time to time. I could say that the blog, it’s meaningful to me… Because, there’s process for me to step and decided to go with it, and write people’s lives…

I think, there’s quote like, “we love the place not because of the place itself only, but because of the people..”, something like that… And so… As my personally private matter that I’ve been dealing with like almost 3 years since… I think, within the time that I decided to go with this second blog…

I think for the date. It will be soon? I hope!

Some Thoughts: New Blog On The Way?

Last year, on November, I launched a new blog as for creative writing! You can give a follow if you like, because I’ll be working on it soon.

After launch my second blog, unfortunately, I was focused on my artwork stuff, so called for me to set a solo.. It didn’t happened.. As early this month, a should be discussion turned to personal growth related, that I feel it crosses my boundaries.. Although part of it, are true, and I accept it, part of it just.. Well, you know how it feels like… So, I’m on my commission, and I hope if anyone in here interested for commission, let me know!

COMMISSION OPEN FOR, book cover, novel cover, zine cover, album cover, and small side project. Kindly DM me through my official IG @/anugerah_gee, or email at

As for my second blog, you can read the introduction first as what is the blog about! Seriously, I can’t wait to write as I want, as what I really want to write about.

I think, writing, it’s part of me I guess… It’s always been there, just I never thought about it as something else than just interest, like a hobby. Bit it’s actually, more than just interest. I have learned, to know, or recognise the reason behind why I write.

So. Do check on my second blog. Can’t wait!

Some Thoughts: Writing Scene…?

It’s dawn. Misty and foggy. And it’s cold feel for past couple of days.

It’s because rainy days for 2 days already. And I’m not focus much on my artwork.

Photo on morning day, like a week ago..

Lil sis back in here, for few days. Today at evening, she’ll be back to her place. On Eid Day, she’ll be back again insha Allah, and maybe the other one too..

So… Today, if it’s not today, it was yesterday and days before. I do feel like, I would like to and want to go with writing scene…? Aren’t this just like, random? So suddenly right…? I love writing, actually, if not… Well… Why I’m even blogging? And before WordPress, I’m on Blogspot for quite a while, like, years, before the traffic there just so slow like, dropping drastically.. It was tough..

So why I feel like want to go with writing scene? Well, I could say, somehow, writing maybe actually is my therapy things, for myself, for whole this time, without realising the fact it is. Not only blogging like this, but, I do write on a book, a planner. Else than that, I do scrapbooking, I have a period tracker, and few couple of books for planning my artwork and stuff, including an account book.. I mean, physical books.

Having all these books, I feel like, am I enjoy or just liking of writing? Am I passionate about writing? To some point, I do feel the need to write out like in here, blogging, and some and most on my IG story… Yes, I will write my opinion sometimes like really, writing out on certain or specific issues. So… Am I a writer? Like, I wonder deep so suddenly.. And I feel like I want an answer to it…

Or.. I just a person who just liking of writing.. As I do artwork, an illustration, an illustrator, it’s hard for me currently. My COMMISSION ARE OPEN, and I would love to accept a project, such as:

Book cover, novel cover, zine cover, album cover, small side project. Kindly DM me via IG @/anugerah_gee or email at

For now… I don’t really have answer to go with it or not, and so, for both art and writing world. Maybe, just maybe.. I just love both, just at different levels..? I’m not sure but, let’s see how things go….. Plus… I still have focus for others such as, gardening.. I need to continue it but, as rain and fasting.. A bit tough for me… For past few years now..