Some Talk: Late Night Work, Featuring Book – Hugger Mugger by Robert B. Parker

Pretty much busy like, 3 weeks now?

So I’ve been working on my small project, a concrete work, which I like to call. Mixing material, gloves, and boots, and hammer. That kind of thing. While doing so, I started to read novel..!

As a person who love movies and art, I just like read something simple, comic, magazines, or something like an article, and watch movies or documentary. So, yea, started already like few days ago. Thank you to Mortal Engines movie, I started to feel like to read. I did read the quartet, few pages on Google, as that’s what they put out, few pages only, and it’s driving me to read. Plus it’s good for how things with smartphone..

So here’s the novel.

Excuse my messy desk, where I work on my artworks.

So far, well, few pages!. Since I have things to do also. For first few pages, I have can say I like it.

I love how simple is the writing. Such as, more dialogue and straight forward. Suitable for people or a person who love watching and prefer movies, somehow somewhat. The thrill, suspend kind of feeling that you can feel, while reading the details of how the writer pictures of its surroundings, what is going on, like that. As I just in few pages, I will write the overall once I’m done with it. So, yea, I like it. Hopefully I can finish it (lol).

Going to my work, and let’s see how this going.