Movie: Little Forest – Summer/Autumn and Winter/Spring

September here already, and I missed to blog out.

I take this opportunity to set my first post on movie!. I love movies. And this one just how I feel now and consider almost how I feel these days.

I love this movie.

That’s it. I love it. I can’t really remember when I first watch it, but I just love it.

To start, this is not review or critics. It’s just opinion, personally at the end of the day. As a consumer and a fans of film and drama.

As the title, it’s Japanese movies. I recall, and not expect at all that I will love both of the movie titles. The focus of course, is surrounded by the main character. As she lives and do her daily basis, routine in her small hometown. She creates foods, using almost all around her area’s ground and natural sources for survival.

In these movies, each season set from first dish to seven. Of course, selected dish to be on point. Showing also, her daily life to live, by farming and gardening. Harvest whatever that she plant or found in forest nearby. Also insert point, such as how she will dry up source for foods in hard time such as in the winter months, which plants and source that suitable in a cook (like frying or boiling and such), and her relationship, friendship with her suddenly-away mother..

To highlight, how every dish is being shown to prepare, clean, and cook, and serve. Even I myself feel like “okay, I’m going to cook that food”!

Another reason, I love these movies, of course because it’s personal relatedness in my life, as in daily basis, that I have to do or deal.

As you can see, my post on gardening and cooking. Which I still uhh.. Need to keep up to blog.. Lately I’ve been busy!. But I’ll try. So….. It’s related to my reality and how enjoy I am when I watched these movies.

The vibes. I think the vibes also, give me the feeling to be out and surround myself with greens and soil. It gives the feeling of the smell of nature, with the choice of music, songs for these movies. And most of it, it projecting the energy – the energy to me, for me to get on my gear, to do physical activity, to be at the moment of doing the physical work and enjoy the process.

Overall, these movies tell that, if you love your idea of what life is about, go for it. Even if to some feel like it’s going to be a bit hard or not fancy as live in big city, it’s alright – it’s back to you, how you feel like the most, and what life is all about, to you, at the end, just go for it….(?)

I recommend these, to whoever out there, if you love gardening, landscaping, and cooking, these two movies is so good.

Alright. I’ll try to keep up with my cooking section, soon. It might be simple since I missed many of my cooking…!

Cooking: Simple Chicken With Veggies

I missed like 2-3 days for this section.

So, I cooked meat with veggies, for launch, 2-3 days ago, and first greens since our quarantine started..!. And I miss having veggies on my plate, but sadly, it’s so limited right now I wanna cry….!

Above are the ingredients. Starting with onion, chili ground, two cloves of garlic, cauliflower, capsicum, and chicken. In my head was, spicy taste but not so much, soupy, and fresh. That was all that I’m imagined.

As usual, cooking oil in!. Sliced onion and garlic in first. Later, I added the chicken. Since I cut them into bite sizes, any bones with its flesh, go together into the pan. I waited until it cooked a bit, colour changed into uhmm brownish like?. Then I added the chili ground. Not too much, unless to whoever like spicy.

Okay then, I added the vegetables. Which I washed before I started cooking, and let it drained. Once in the pan, I stirred it well. And added water, not so much, not too less. Just set as enough for the sauce, soupy part. As you can see, yes, the chili ground, and the important ones was added. And I let it cooked.

And ta-daaa…!

It was a simple one that I think I can do it again. Since quarantine, I really budget on what I cook. Since my area is enhanced ugh.. So limited, it’s really get to me now. But source still have, and I hope I can maintain the source I have in my fridge, so I can cook..

So, stay home guys. And I hope you guys are well.

Cooking: 2 Kind Of Fish, 2 Recipes??

I did cooking for launch yesterday, midnight already now. I’m late!.

Simple cooking, with two different of fish. Not many left, on my count, for raw source of food for this quarantine time. Oh well.. So, let’s get to it, on my simple cooking (haha).

Onion and garlics
Some spices, experiment with them
The two kind of fish!

As you can see, two different fish. In my language Malay, the grey fish which two of it, called “ikan kekek”, and the big-tail one is red snapper. I don’t know what “ikan kekek” in English actually (lol)!. Then, an onion and garlics. And as you can see for spices, the big package is mixed of soup powder. Don’t forget, the important ones in every food, you know what, I don’t have to mention (haha).

I started with the onion, it was Holland onion by the way. Cut half of it, and sliced. I used half for the “ikan kekek”, another half of the onion for the red snapper.

This was the “ikan kekek” simple soup, that I had for launch yesterday. So after sliced the onion, cooking oil in, then the onion, stirred it, then I added the soup powder. Water added and “ikan kekek” in..!. Nothing fancy (haha). For the red snapper, half of the onion that I left for it, and sliced two cloves of garlic.

Like this!

Oh yes, I forgot that I first turmericated the red snapper before I cooked “ikan kekek” (haha what’s that new word??).

Mixed up

Here, above. Like always, since I didn’t want it to be soupy – cooking oil, onion and garlic, then I added chili ground and ginger ground, it’s cool if you add the fresh one but since I don’t have it, but I plan on to plant these greens stuff soon!. I added water, but not too much, just enough to cook the red snapper. Stirred, then put the fish in.. The red snapper was thick!. Uhm-uhmm the flesh (is it what it called?. Or it called “meat”?), just soft and tasty. I love it.

Ta-daaa!. Two different fish, two different recipe, too simple (haha). As the result as above, the “ikan kekek” cooked simple soup and the red snapper cooked spicy turmeric, since I added chili ground (lol). I had it with rice, and my father cooked simple veggie soup, called “pucuk kaduk”, or in English is kaduk leaves” (I feel weird actually lol). My parent had it with these fish menus, I’m not because I don’t like kaduk leaves, it has this weird smell, and some people eat it raw after plucked from their veggies garden. But hey, I have respect for those that can eat it like that because I don’t know why, I can’t. But I don’t feel bad about it. I’m born this way, why bother right?.

So that was my cooking for launch yesterday, I didn’t post early because I’m focusing on my artwork.. So don’t know why, I feel like to blog about it at this midnight, now almost dawn (lol).

I hope you guys are well. And stay at home.

Cooking: Simple Potato Wedges

This is just simple one, that I usually cook for dinner or snack.

I love potatoes. So, back then, few years ago, I still had frozen potato wedges in my fridge. But I can say it’s been awhile since. As the result, many times already, I cook my own wedges.

My potato wedges!

My mom usually do the peeling part. Once done, I will cut to wedges shape, and yea, I use 3-4 potatoes usually.

Then, spice up and add the important ones. Fry all of it and ta-daaa!. We have potato wedges. I love cooking this, yes because it’s simple but, the most important is that it’s organic one. I have this kind of vibes now, where I want to have my foods from organic source. But some like ketchup or soy sauce might not because I can’t make it (haha), but 80-90% of my foods, cooking are organic. I love it.

I have this usually without ketchup. Because I love the real potato taste (lol). Who’s not?!.

Cooking: Chicken Cooked Turmeric, Upgrade!

Just done with my launch, finished with my favorite drink, Nestlé Milo.

So as I like to experiment with what I’m going to cook, which happens every day, I just will ask myself “hmm what I wanna cook eyy..”. It’s tough when you don’t have much stuff, since quarantine.. But whatever we have, just cook it.

So for today, I set to go with chicken, obviously. Defrost and wait, while waiting, I did whatever I need to do. Things done and, cooking time!.

Here are the ingredients!.

No need to say much the most important ones. These are the main to cook. Onion, I usually just cut like that. Cut in any way, I think it’s just the same thing. Then chicken!. I chopped it not small, and, I’m not throwing if there’s any bones, just include it, still have its flesh.

Just put all in!. This is my way, plus, I just cook something simple and easy and can eat (haha). Cooking oil, onion, chopped chicken, wait until it’s almost cooked. Then I put the spices, yasss. And other few ingredients. And water, of course. I hardly use corn flour to make it sauce like looking, I mean thick. I just let it slowly thickened, from the boiling point. And make sure the chicken fully cooked.

And ta-daaa!. I forgot to take a photo of the finished recipe.. What.. But!. Eat it with rice, is the best.

But no veggies just sooo different..!. I decided not to cook it, as I need to budget all raw food source at this time of quarantine, which very limited to go outside, in my area, we can’t even go to a store. Pissed me off, but what can I do, what can we do. So, that’s all I can cook. I’m about to blurred out seeing my plate without veggies (haha).

That’s all and stay at home..!

Cooking: Spaghetti Cooked Soupy, With Broccoli

So I try to keep up with posting in here. Little bit tough but we’re in quarantine now, so why not?

My cook!

This is not spaghetti, actually. As its name on the package – vermicelli.

Hope I’m not wrong with it, if I do.. I’m sorry. I cook pasta, any version of it – with boiling water. Just put the amount of it into the boiling water. Once the pasta cooked, I added oil. Then the fun part come. I added broccoli. Sometimes I put tomatoes or cauliflower, and, before the vegetables or meat, onion first!. After all of that, I just added some spice of soup. And I make sure that I’m not over cook it. Just make sure it’s still have the volume of the soup. Other ingredients well, basic one in cooking such as salt or herbs, that’s up to whatever you feel.

So yea. That’s my recipe. I did curry too last time. It tastes sooo godddd!

And please, STAY AT HOME!

Foods: Bihun Sup

It’s been 6 days since my last post.

So, my launch today was “bihun sup”. It’s a thin, white, noodles kind of. For simple malay type, it comes in warm or hot soup, with green beans veggies known as “taugeh”, shredded fried chicken, which, usually cook with turmeric, salt, and ajinomoto to give the taste like uhmm!. And also, ground nuts.

Here how it looks.

If you go to Thai restaurant, it will have more veggies like carrots, cabbage, baby corn, and few others.

This is a simple noodles in its category, to me. Which is you can try cook it at home, if you like..!

Foods: Malay Restaurant With Various On Menu

So many things happen, but there’s a reason why.

So do as for yesterday’s. But I just wanted to talk about foods?. Yes. Because I love food (lol).

Our plan is different, but something happens. I still, sleepy, and hungry. Since it’s about launch time. We had self-service restaurant, which I never been to. But my parent did. I keep in my mind, like, 3-4 years now, to have my meal with portion that needed. What I always make sure, there must be – carbs, protein, and veggies.

You know, hm, that veggies should be a little bit more.. But hmm well, I tried. I don’t know it’s a habit or a must to me now. But these what my plate will always be. But it’s not that I’m not go with cake, pizza, or an ice cream. I do and yes.. These foods (junk?) are my thing!. But I have to limit it since I could or might get diabetes. Since its in running in family.. And that’s why I always try to do outdoor work, or handiwork. Just lately, since haze, I just not active like every other day. It’s feel, weird..

Move on, the restaurant pretty, lovely.. Lovely like, jungle-y and beach-ey like kind of deco.

I just can say it’s pretty. I love how they set up curtains at the entrance. Sunlight in and the curtains, as it’s cream in colour, give some feeling that I really love, in beach and sunny day kind of vibes. Anddd.. Yes, that’s my plate and, a glass of cold Milo. Others my parent’s. They had what we called “ulam”, which is a variation of raw vegetables, where you can dip with “sambal” or “belacan” sauce.

So, will try it?. Please do if you feel like it. Just find Malay restaurant and Thai restaurant. Almost all of them the menu is available!