Some Talk: New And Intro!

Hi there!

I’m an artist. I do black and white drawing and sketch. IG – anugerah_gee

As an artist, I have many interest that inspired me, so I think I like to share. Not so details but yes. This is my non related art blog. Which I’ll be posting anything, but not fully related to art stuff. Maybe a little bit.

So, I usually blogging on – – it’s still, freshly new. Before that, I deleted the old one. Which I regret doing so. Until now. The reason is that the new one didn’t work out like the one I deleted. Added when Google+ is no more, the new one just, well, not well. is good, it’s easy, I like it. Just when it the works as the old blog, I feel a bit disappointed. So that’s when I feel to switch to – a bit hard with new stuff, new place?. I guess. So, if you like to read few posts on my, feel free and thank you.

As I thought I’m not gonna do this, I just really want to. Here I am, because I like to share my thoughts or my interest in many, and I think there’s many people still love reading. I like to connect with people, to share whatever I like to.. Again, not too details..!

And as it is, if you like read anything or “direct talk” kind of, here is the blog. Feel free to check out my non related art blog, in here!. Thank you!