Some Thoughts: Letting Go

For some reasons I just feel like to blog out, write out, put out, name it, that’s what I feel like right now.

It’s just hard whenever there’s thing we couldn’t stop thinking or we just keep thinking about it.

Sensitive or easily effected by some sort of opinion although we disagree, or anything else, like example, how we handle stuff in the kitchen just the way we want it rather than other’s way of handling, it’s hard to over it if it constantly in mind. It’s not healthy.

When come to this topic, someone ever told me, the only way is to – let go.

And to each one of us, different effect different ways of overcoming it. Because whatever we go through, struggling in our life, each one of us have different events, moments, or past. It’s something we can’t tell people easily too, “just let it go”, no it’s not. But in my case, that someone told me with feeling of support for me at the time. And because of that, I hold on to those words and advice until now, and I guess forever..

It’s hard for me still, to put the word. But by now you read this, you will know what I’m saying.

I’ve been dealing it by myself. Only open details to people I comfortable the most. I hardly put or write out about anything that I consider personally private. Even my personal ones, I hardly put out. But in this matter, or anything of my personal experience, or things, I can now, but I only put out a tip of mine. And to do this even tough for me.. But I try, every day. As someone I met last year, telling me there’s nothing wrong to talk about personal things to people, by right no mention and detail of the person.. And as I learned, it’s true that everybody does.

And so I learned to let go. Actually even from someone who told me to do so, to let go.. A friend of mine. Who already passed but forever I hold on to the words I’ve been told by..

And recently, I started told myself, if I feel no good for my health from some people, specially for mental and emotional health.. I think and decide what’s best for myself, I’ll set boundaries. To anyone. Just any.

As realised, I did, to some people already. Where if I hold on to what’s my boundaries is, and if it’s been crossed over, I may not have interactions with them. And I feel like, can say I feel better. Although I still will have very very few little responses towards them, I just decided not to take the conversation or the answer to the extent. And I found out, that’s how I deal with these all and how I do, one step to let go, so the matter or a matter won’t play in mind for a long time.

I found out so many people did write and share in here too, about this thing, this matter. Still hard for me, but I just hope people who read, know that you’re not going through it alone. And can open up to one you feel comfortable the most. Or, if you want to share, I think it can be an awareness too, for others to know and learn about it.

And yes…. I think I do put or write out, or do my scrapbook, and focus on my artwork, or even do my gardening, it’s what I do to get to letting go process, and as I said mine, where I set boundaries with people around me. And I found out it’s work for me so far, not easy but it work. And yea… Remind myself that I can’t control everything.

So….. I hope to anyone who have tough times with letting go things like that, you can do it.

Stay strong, stay safe. You’re doing good..!

Some Journey: Today Through Window

Away from my desk early in the morning, as for something important.

I still sleepy as the night before I had to handle also, something important. As the result, sleepy what I got.

Though, I managed to stay awake, trying my best. After few hours, we (with my parent), went to a mall for launch. It’s one of our list for eat while outstation.

I had these and those balls is called “begedil”. I love it. But these one just simple version, nothing fancy, but still good. And, oh yes, I had Milo by Nestle!. You gotta try it if you in Malaysia.

We’ve done and went to Cyberjaya, small meeting there. And straight to Jalan Duta in Kuala Lumpur. I fell asleep throughout this journey (haha). But my sleepiness gone after long time, while on the way to city nearby our home. On highway, I snapped few photos – all the way in this city area. This gives me a vibes like “What will happen in the future?. Are cities will be like in many movies I’ve been watching for whole this time?”.

Starting from this highway point, I snapped through our window car. It’s inspired me..

These two below was took after the highway area. I snapped it as I feel “Woww. What a cool structure yet scary..”.

Took it from back of the car’s window, mirror??. And last one.

If you see with your own eyes, you’ll feel like “What a mess..”. That’s what I feel sometimes. And that’s what makes me wonder “Will our Earth become like what in many movies?”.

My little journey done. We did stop for groceries. Nothing much and totally normal, I guess. Back home, starting to get headache. Which weird most of my outing I will get it. And end up with Panadol.. I don’t like it, but still, have to have it. Back at the edge of daylight, at evening. I plan for dinner, a simple one as we still full from our launch. I decided to cook some veggies soup. This one without eggs or chicken or taufu. Usually, at least, I will add some chicken.

Very simple one. It’s like one of my signature now. This little journey did inspired me. I can’t wait to continue my A1 artwork..!