Gardening: Relocating

I started to clear up bushes in my garden.

And relocated just few of my plants. The truth was until yesterday that I managed to relocated those plants. Not many but I just know I can’t wait any longer, as those baby plants need room to grow better.

2 chilies and 1 pumpkin.

For this first time on the new area and soil, as I did once back in 2020, if I’m not wrong, just different area, I just kind of monitor them for time to time, while I’m ready for new batch of seeds to sow.

A bit tough for now, as weather change so much these days in my area. The result, my recent sowing didn’t sprout at all.. I was kind of frustrated. But it’s alright. Some take time to sprout isn’t it? So else than that, I just cleared up and cutting off for maintenance. Specially for wild moss that grow so much since me and my father clear the area last year.

Yesterday was great.

I decided to get back to usual evening routine, with my gardening, seeds, and get active.

Since I caught up with Covid, like almost 2 months ago, which I was in a week with the flu, fever symptoms, I was worried or scared…? As my chest does feel pain sometimes and still have dry cough from the infection.. It’s tough but yes, slowly I’m on it again.

So that’s my boots work for every day gardening.

Need a new pair!

Gardening: Garden’s Door!


After couple of months, with me facing covid and symptoms after it, I was kind of worried about my body condition. What I mean how if I do gardening things can effect on myself?

So far nothing serious. And yesterday, midnight writing here, now. So yesterday was the last important part of the garden to be, the door!

Finally my garden have the door. It’s so important as I, we family our goat pet, name Miss Kembang.

Back to the door. It was all thank you to my sister, who moved in back with me, us. She the one that set up, drilled the screws, and set a simple lock system for the door.

Yes. I’m the one who choose the wood pallet as the door. It was 2 years old already, if I’m not wrong? Since pandemic hit, stay still in our garage, so I said “why not?”

Last on list, I will paint it. Of course using exterior paint, so probably oil based paint. And still deciding and thinking what colour. I feel like blue, but at the same time pastel kind of colour. And maybe as with my sister’s plan, we might set a pergola above my garden’s door. As with weather conditions in my country.. So, need one. See what we will up to, soon.

Front view of my garden. Still tons to do. But at least I got water set!

I have to do everything slowly, as I can feel the after covid effect on my body. I just hope nothing serious insha Allah, and eat well.

Stay safe people.

Gardening: New Peat Moss, New Seed In Family

Last week I bought new peat moss, and new seed!

So here we go.


2 bags only…. As price increase, I decided to be on budget everytime.

These 2 bags of peat moss are imported from Euro, as in description at the packing.

And new seed!

Cosmos Mix, for this one? As I learned, and the reason I bought this seed it’s because for the leaves. In here, our ulam, which raw and various of leaves to eat with rice and our kind of dipping sauce, we called sambal or belacan. Of course both of these and ulam leaves are eat together. We will pick and clean them, and ready to eat. Can check my post which I wrote about ulam.

So I still not sow it. But I will.

Recent weather not really sunny. So I think I might wait just a little bit longer, when sunlight is more than usual.

As for now, I need to focus on my body and health, after my Covid last time.

Stay safe everyone.

Gardening: Planting Stuff

2, 3 days ago I went to supermarket. I think it was great since I bought peat moss!

But I just love checking the section area, here’s some.

Went with my parents, we did shopping for groceries mainly, and usually. The reason we ended up at supermarket was I had to send my artwork for framing, which I’ll be sharing soon myself as an artist and artworks.

So, here’s more from the section.

I think the section was upgraded?

Because to me it looks like it.

Pretty isn’t it? I just forgot to snapped few more, specially on pots and soil/compose parts. I’ll share soon my peat moss and additional seed to my seeds collection!

The evening twilight was beautiful too. Here’s.

That’s the bonus for this entry.

So stay safe people. It’s beautiful right..

Gardening: Outdoor Work After Covid

The other day I shared my own experience with Covid.

Ever since I have this kind of worries about my body if I do heavy work, such as gardening and landscaping.

And just today, I mean yesterday if following my local time. But I just did light ones rather than heavy such as, hoe-ing soil on the ground. I wish I can…. But maybe in next few days, as my cough and pain on my chest still ongoing in this Long-Covid phase..

That’s my machete….? Yes. It’s rooster by the way.

I did clear up and chopped off few area full of bushes. I did mostly near our house construction. Just packed and so much of wild plants around so, pulled off grass and stuff only.

So I’m just gonna summarize all from first photo: new branches and blooms of Melati flowers, a basin with baby pumpkin, mangoes babies and it’s all accidentally grow out, mini cucumber baby, a bin full of Spinach, another baby pumpkin, and last one chillies babies.

I’ll repot them all soon, any of it will be on pots and some will be straight onto ground where my garden to be is set. By the way, the garden area only left to set up is a small garden door, that’s the only now. I’ll set up simple system for it soon, before I decide to set properly. Then I’ll relocate my green babies.

So far, I’m alright doing outdoor work. But I won’t push myself either because of the cough specially so, I’ll take time with all of these. Try to enjoy the process, try to set my no stress zone currently as it to love myself… Which I decided to so, more, since before my birthday last year. I love myself of course but it’s like giving myself more in every level… We must, we have, we need to……!

Stat safe, and night.

Gardening: Red Spinach!

So this is just updating what I’m up to with my garden plan.

This will be short, I’ll try.

Last week I decided to sow Red Spinach. Because I never did..! So it’s the first one, first round.

Yayyy to it when I saw it all out! Mean it’s a good seeds.

I did sowed Lettuce Salad and Kale, so far none to be seen.. But it’s alright. I’ll try again. With recent weather, cloudy and rainy, sunlight can say limited as there’s more clouds, rain clouds.. So maybe lack of sunlight I guess.. But it’s alright, I’m okay, just waiting to sow new seeds batch.

And yesterday, this plant bloom its flower, after I decided to cut half of all the height it had been growing for a long time.

I cut off so it will grow fresh, and hopefully it will have more branches. But I think I need a multipurpose compose and new pot for it alone. This flower plant is easy actually in my country as it suits with hot, humid, and rainy weather. This one survived long long time. I think almost 10 years?

So that’s all as my phone battery low.

I’ll try to keep up with my blog. I miss in here. And, for the first time ever, I decided also, to share my artworks with you guys.

Will do it soon. Stay safe!

Gardening: New Baby Spinach

About couple days ago, I decided that I just have to replace for my new Spinach.

It grow and many of them, actually.

A bit tough for this time, as I also decided to replace them, not in bins, but in an old stainless steel sink.. Yes. I did it.

There it is!

I go with ones that grows tall or big.. If it that’s the word..?. I choose this one, like in the photo. And reuse my own blend of soil. And this time I added my own compose, which made up from food waste, our goat, Ms. Kembang’s waste, and grass that I clear up. Mixed and set them in the sink. So far, I can say it’s good.

As for few more, I replaced them in a bin.

3 of them are new, another are old one. You can spot it well in the photo.

I also added my own compose, for ones in the bin.

I can only wait for them to grow now.

Another update, see what’s going to be.

Stay safe everyone.

Gardening: New Kangkung Planting

It’s been awhile..!

I hope everyone is doing well.

As so, can say that a lot has happened. I mean it like really. As last week my/our home area, where we live are hit by flood. And as so far, most who live in the area are still have to deal with the results such as cleaning up what they can save. Aids from NGOs and government still coming to our area, in and out. Alhamdulillah me and family are okay… I will continue on new post, if I feel like it.

So… Things are slowly back to how it is, as for me and family. As for myself, I managed to plant new kangkung. Here’s quick one, photos.

The day before, I had to make few holes on this bin. Because before I had this bin ready, I didn’t make it.. How stupid to think back. But I learn, and of course we all do..

I plant using kangkung that I bought from market, as they’re come with roots, this what I usually do. Kangkung, as in English Water Spinach is easy one, to me at least, because if you do with this method, just make sure to save it in a cup or whatever (if it’s late to plant it or gardening), so it won’t quickly softening to become rot. You can feel the steam become hard as for crunchy, slowly as time passes. This is just from my observations of course.

So I’m waiting for how things with it. For something else, I just took some photos around.

Just had my time walk around. Since I plan on set up an area for my small garden, which near our house.

Photos I took, my baby Spinach, need to replant them all soon. Small red butterfly on our wildly grow Kaduk plant, people in here have it as ulam. Our Ms. Kembang just came across to eat whatever she knows what. Our 2 in 1 citrus family tree, one root but two different trees, one are, we called limau kasturi or lime, kind of lime, another one are lemon, you can see the yellow colour? Yes, that already ripe actually I should pick it soon. Last one, my boots, myself, standing in front of wild flowers. I did wrote about it in my previous post.

So.. That’s all. I slowly get back to my routine, which is a bit hard, as I went through personal matter, which well.. Still do.. I will write about it and the impact that whole of it, the results of it.. This year is the toughest one, personally for me, I think.. (?)

Okay. So I take it slowly, getting back to what I usually do and feel. I hope you all too.

Stay safe everyone..!

Gardening: New Sowing

It’s been awhile isn’t it?

It is…!

I’ve been away for awhile as for some reason, and maybe write about it, at least a bit from it.

And also I’m happy knowing that writing this at least my phone’s keypad not slide out when I’m writing, which I don’t know why, plus phone’s notification, well, keeping slide down haahhh… Irritating, I could say.. New phone? Not now, and expensive in here.. Let’s see what I can do, maybe telco have an offer.

In the mean time, I started sowed new seeds. Here’s some progress.

So I learned that Kangkung in English are Water Spinach.. And that was what I sowed, alongside with Spinach. Which to me, at least is the easiest, since climate in my country.

Some part of kangkung already in their pots. And as raining season, I’m not really watering them. To say, current season should be sunny but I think since climate change increased, I noticed, we noticed the effect nowadays.

As we still in pandemic, I go out when I feel so. Which is the reason also that I choose and do all these, since vegetables are important to me, specially my parents. So that’s why I feel it’s the need for me to do this. Plus it’s something that I love also. And to think back, it’s more than a year, like maybe… A year and half already? Must start somewhere. And this is what I feel I’m going to do, no matter what. I try to make time for it.

As for now, I’m waiting for all my new green babies to grow well and to repot. I really hope so I harvest when the time comes because it’s been a long time since last one I got to taste them.

Okay then, stay safe people..!

Gardening: Wild Flowers

About last week, I did, but uhm just now I can blog about it.

It was raining season, more like humid – on off rainy and sunny in a day or two. Fresh grass and ground smell, when rain water drop just.. Nostalgic.

I was so surprised when, after more than 2, 3 days not doing much, I stepped out on evening after lunch, as you usual.. And it was beautiful..!

I decided the moment I saw these wild flowers – to have them in the kitchen table top.

To be honest, I don’t know exactly what this purple one. It actually more like lilac in colour, but it does look blueish at the same time. When it bloom, it does look like dandelion, just in small, mini size. And since it small, I had to cut ton of it.

Well, someone or.. More. Decided to join me at the time. Includes our goat, Miss Kembang.

Mr. Sepet just did his thing, and Ms. Kembang just.. Tried to play horns with him and of course, he not interested to, obviously – cats..

As you notice, Lantana Camara flowers also grow wildly on our house ground. In our language, it’s called Bunga Tahi Ayam – true is, in English well.. It might sound weird. So, ehemm.. Excuse it for this time around. I did picked up few of it also.

Mr. Downy also around, joined me. Just well, he was playing with himself at dad’s stainless ladder, while I just saw him and took the photo.

And Mr. Sepet also, well.. Still doing his thing at the time. While Ms. Kembang just as she always been – being around eating, what she can, every time I do my my outdoor work.. Where I’m at, there she will be.

I picked both flowers. And, it’s weird or not to some people, but I just like to see it. Specially when I’m done and all of them are in a bucket I carried – in this one, I took it from our living room/hall cabinet. It was used for nothing, so.. Why not, I think. Let me use it.

So yes, I did. Arranged them both, in a jar, each one for them.

Well.. It was fun, actually. Hardly ever do, since these flowers come with their season. But I arranged them with my mom, she had a shop back when she was young. Arranged flowers for marriage and stuff, like that. So, learned from her that day I collected all of these flowers.

As so, once I’m done. I placed them on our kitchen’s table top. Still need to clear the area. And as for now, I mean now today, both dried out already. The wild flowers, although dried, it bloom so much. I still like to see it, even it’s already done..

Aren’t it beautiful??

It is to me. Although its done now. It bloom like this, just.. Pretty.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll shake it, spread it all on my small area where I managed to clear up last time. I hope it will grow. If, it will. Since that small area is red soil, kinda of hard, a bit. See how things go.

As for few days, I need to clear and clean up some areas. Need to do it fast, before things come up this Thursday..!