Places: The Day At Sentral Market

So it’s evening today and I decided to throwback.

It was 2-3 years ago. I went with my parent, as they have meeting with clients. I just followed for, you know, make my eyes clear once in awhile. The meeting was at Sentral Market, Kuala Lumpur. Where people called “Art Market”, or Pasar Seni in my language, Malay. It was my first time went there as, well, as an artist who do details work, I spent my time on my desk, in my small space of my studio.

We went to the meeting. The shop full of antique stuff. Such as keris (a sword in small shape and in length, and an old tradition of Malay defense weapon), old iron (which we need to put burned coal to heat it up), to antique Chinese vast, pots, and jewelry boxes. So many it make me feel excited.

Few part of the shop. So many things. Crazy right?. Here’s another.

Looks like in Disney’s Aladdin..!. I really like this one.

As before the meeting end, I took a walk a bit. To see what else there. Turned out, I found a shop with pretty things, and cool one.

This one shop just make me want spend some money, buttt. I don’t since I don’t have money at the time (haha..).

This shop have so many things like photos above. Stuff with patterns, pretty embroidery, clothes, lanterns, and yes, that cool knight armour. Which rarely to be found in my country. I feel sooo happy that I snapped the photo of it. And I found out that, those balls-lantern like on the left of the armour is handmade paper mache.. I was surprised. After zoom the photo. I don’t realize it since I have limited time to check out around and snapped few photos at the time.

So before the meeting done, I had ice-cream. I had it at Thai restaurant, in the Market.

Ice-cream with mango!. A bit hard to have the mango since it all mixed up with the ice-cream (LOL).

Everything done, we shake hands, and off from the Sentral Market.. And because of this one time, I plan to go angin, whenever I can, insha Allah..