Gardening: Little Greenhouse

Few days ago I started gave myself time for sow new seeds.

By third day, I decided I needed to do a small greenhouse. But I can’t do something fancy, but poped up in my mind.. “why not recycle?”

Yes, I decided to set my old cat cage, considered as 2 tiers as my small greenhouse. And so, I did recycled few plastic bottles and cups for my new seeds.

These was while I’m working on them. I set a cover, and tide on top of the cage. Then layered those ladders. There, where I placed all new seeds. I even used old plastic bowls. I realised too I made mistakes while doing the process, but as many self-taught gardeners, learning about it all from the process and experience are the best..

And yes, for the onions, I usually do that. It’s just where I wanted it grow its leaves, for cooking. So I hope they all sprout well..

So for now, I just need to finish the fence project, which almost almost done by now. Seriously can’t wait to set two doors, with the help from my dad – credit to him!. Once done, I’ll be moving a lotsss of garden stuff of mine, such as pots and recycle plastic bottles and cups, and bowls. Garden settings like, chairs, maybe, with table soon. Need some decorations for my garden.. just can’t wait..!

Update again soon. Erghh can’t wait but have too.


Gardening: Fences

Last week was, hectic…

So just this week, considered half of this week I can get a chance to do my stuff, and blog..

Couple days ago, I back on my garden plan and landscape.

So far, to me, just good as want and hope for.

I got my hand bruised, after long time not holding an axe, which only metal tool to hit L metals for fence. Those L metals are cut by my dad, credited to him, for helping me in any project. And so, I decided to reuse all netting for fences here.. plus, it all rust resistance, which expensive these days, so reuse from old project, which some not even finished….

And as for yesterday, me in my boots, old already and need a new one but couldn’t afford it yet… But, as can be seen, my fence project really as I want.

Although I need to fix all before I could start for two garden doors… Seriously, I just hope that I can make the area, the space looks good as I want it to be.. Like, for real this time. Because I don’t want to repeat same mistake that I’ve done since I started gardening like seriously in 2020…

Not choose area and space, to not thinking long enough to set and make fences like properly, and too not choose where to set my greenhouse, space for sow new seeds.. But this time, I said, “I give it a go, here!”.

So yea… So far, this is only..

And I hope I can finish it..

Some Thoughts: Ramadan 2023

Done first day of Ramadan. Which I’m, okay with it.

This year probably just all simple ones, nothing fancy like I used to cook.

This was from my sahur, last night. Morning? As we have at 5.30am. I make sure all done before 5.30am.. That’s all..

For energy, I just cooked eggs with soy sauce with red chilli. And, raw ulam, a few leaves of cabbage..

It’s, tough, actually.. I’m going through stuff currently so.. I feel like, tired.. I don’t know what’s going on with my body. Most thing that I know it’s that when Ramadan come, I can’t sleep… Because I’m worry there’s no sahur. Plus who else will do it it right…. So yeah….

But I can have a nap, but alarm need to set. If not I’ll sleep like just sleep.. Ready for sahur at 4.30am, must cook rice, if not, this can cause late… Not liking it..

Gardening: March’s Things

I try my best to get active in here. By that I just need to cut short my writing part.

So here’s for my gardening stuff, so far..

These photos I took within this week.

From my new seeds of Spinach and Cosmos err which in my language is Ulam Raja. It took some time to sprout from my observation. For Spinach, it all from old seeds, from old batch, and from last year.. Few of them, did sprout out, some just, so far.. Not really. But I let it stay. See if it all sprout a bit late than usual..

But kind of worry for Spinach, it all might be nothing but weeds…

And as for couple of days now, I did it, set up my new perimeter on my new area. To which I plan to do frontyard garden like. I will plant few important and usually eat by my parents and siblings, more for my parents and myself as green leaf vegetables are green in short time only. So it is better to me, for me to plant few kinds only.. Plus the area just nice to include flower kinds together.

I hope this time I can make it. It’s been a long time since last one actually…. And I can’t wait for the time where my mom also can enjoy the garden…. The area with pavers, like a round pathway, just with edges. It was an outdoor kitchen things, wet one.. But abandoned since, but more like not function as it was before to which I decided to go with it, as my garden…. Plus it’s part where me and family cross for walk like that….

So yes. My daily life. Which I want to put more effort into it too…. And will try to post more!

Gardening: New, Simply Near Area

Hiiii to new followers in here! Nice to meet you guys, from anywhere you’re from!

So, remember I set my garden area to be? Yea, but I can’t work on there… I feel bad actually, but the reason is that I realised I can’t even be there even if I wanted to, as it’s at edge of where our main house located. So… I feel like I have to pass on that one…. But, I decided to go with medium space? Considering as for garden?

It’s our pavers garden, to which, actually no garden – because there was no flowers before, like years since my mom plan and set for it when we had two gardeners back then… No exact ‘garden’… So in pandemic era that I started plants Spider Lilies, to which they’re all grow so well…. And now, I mean, few weeks back I decided to set it as frontyard garden. I can’t wait, but already started, 2 days already.

You see hmm…. This mess, since last year I maintain the area…. All down when I caught covid last year, and as the result, true that I’m kind of worry or scared to do my outdoor work since. It was half year that I’m not doing my outdoor work, like every single day I do, before covid…… And, early this year, I realised, I gained so much that I started to feel like…. Pressure….? I don’t like it… With stuff at home, as I’m considering full time artist, which yes, I do illustrations of details in black and white, I just can’t get time to exercise, but rather than nothing, I choose to go with gardening or landscaping, which I feel relieved every time… Feel great.

So far I managed to hoe on compose on surface area, which is pavers. It’s like a pathway of pavers. Next step will be set up the fences, yesss I’m so into it. To which I plan for bamboo fence.. Since, yea, our home ground full of it! I’ll be going to chop few of it of how many that I need, for fences.

Once done, I’ll be need help from my dad to set 2 garden grille, door…? Which will be made out of bamboo. And ladt step, I’ll be ready the soils. For now, I still growing veggie on my bins. For now, just Spinach.. That’s it…. As we still receive rain time to time.

Photos are from first day for this small project. I choose the area since its the nearest to our main building of our house. Plus, it’s flat compared to the area I took last year…. 2 years, ago..? I feel like it..? It’s alright, whatever, but maybe I might use it the future? Who knows right….?

For now, this is the area. Just nice, big enough for me to plant few kinds.

Ok. Need a sleep, I have things to settle. Take care!

Cooking: Simple Lunch

Rain always give me some kind of feeling, like, the feeling like a need to keep on going no matter what, like move forward.

Raining today, and most of days these days. Today both parents out. And I thought maybe they will have lunch outside, but not. So I try to figure out what I can cook that can taste good with rice.

I did it.

First I set to cook are rice. Because it’s take time. Second, I cooked green veggie, and yea.. I forgot it was pak choy or sawi hijau. For veggie, I usually cut to bite size. Little bit of oil, I put onion which I already cut, then the veggie, then added water just enough passed the amount of veggie, then added a bit of salt. Once the water which as its soup boiled, yes it’s done.

Third, I cooked an omelette with onion. I guess this one is famous, so let’s move to the last one, eggplant or brinjal. I cut one eggplant to 4, then cut to 3 or 4 pieces from each 4 cuts before. Added turmeric powder, then added lil bit of salt. Deep fried it all. Once done, let it set. For the sauce which not so sauce like, but it is what it is. I set with 2 red chillies, and 2 small chillies, in my language it called cili padi. Much spicy than red chillies. Set oil, put onion which I already cut, obviously. Added all chillies, then added a bit of water and let it turned thick. Then pour on the eggplant that already been fried.

And I have it with rice. It’s good to me, every time.

Okay, next time again on cooking section. It’s been a long time from last one.

Gardening: Kangkung Regrowth

It’s been a long time for my garden things, it’s because lately my area receives rain more than usual.

As the result, with after caught Covid on June, I’ve been slow down with my outdoor activities. Sometimes, even cooking and drawing I don’t feel my usual energy that I have before Covid… It’s, frustrating..

Buy around 1 to 2 weeks ago, I had planned in mind, which the only that easy and raining season now, what I can grow just kangkung, or Water Spinach. So that when I bought 2 ties of it, and came home with another 1 tie, which my parents bought. I just love it.

Yea… I just had to clear up all the bushes and wild plants, again, the other day..

Luckily, the bed and the woods frame still intact. This bed is the best one, in my garden area. It was burned as I and my father did clear things up end last year. Cut out of branches and sticks, like that.

And as you can see, new leaves regrowth. I plant kangkung from its roots. But make sure its steam available for the regrowth part.

Yes, like this. And where’s the leaves?

Top steam and leaves, I cooked. Kangkung Belacan, that’s in my language. That was my plate that day.

But let’s see upclose? For the regrowth one?

I’m soooo happy to see it all growing.

Since I did on pots. The result not same as on soil like this. Yes, compose and fertiliser, that part a bit tough, as soil that I set on pots doesn’t turn out like when I plant on soil. Easy say, I prefer on soil directly method, rather than on pots, as I with my artwork, now accessory business, cooking, and other things personally, it’s take time and energy, so, on direct soil method save my time in daily like a LOT. Yes, I still have to put fertiliser and compose for all kangkung to grow, but at least I just can – removing weeds, put fertiliser or compose, and water them all, and done. I don’t need to go all around like I did with pots.

Plus, kangkung need more water, with the season, it can survive well, from my observation so far since I started in 2020.

So let’s see how it all gonna be!

Some Thoughts: Stay Awake For?

For these past 3 days, I stay awake and sleep around morning. Reason?

I don’t know as I still want to fix my sleep schedule, but more likely it’s not going to be but I have my reasons, of course.

It’s because of how I’m not sleepy or can’t fall asleep easily, and as the result, couple days already I decided just, to cook for lunch in after dawn.

As simple as I learn about my body, I realize that, if I get up late, I missed cooking for lunch, and my parents had to go out to restaurant, which if for every day, it’s not good for them as their age these days, plus, expenses increase. Except if both of them have meetings or few groceries stuff to buy.

So for couple of days, I think if it’s just how I feel good, just alright to go with how my body is rather than to force my body sleep, it’s somehow stress me out. I don’t like that either. That’s when I think, why not just stay awake – after dawn, cook for lunch so there’s foods. Done early, I can go to bed as my eyes will start to get sleepy. It’s just like nurses who stay awake for night shift, of course they’ll get sleep at daylight.. If not, when? They need to sleep too.

So I think, it’s not wrong at all. True at night where our body feels good and energetic in the morning, but maybe some people just don’t. Maybe, me also? I still observe myself, my body time to time these days. It’s stressing sometimes, but that’s why I ended up just what I put in this post, I just go with how my body is.

Okay. That’s pumpkin’s flowers but I don’t think it will grow a pumpkin even..

Cooking: My Own Spinach

Yesterday was tough, as usual and obviously with my sleep schedule.

It’s alright. I think I just go to bed after this.

Since I just stay awake yesterday, I decided to cook for lunch early. All simple one.

As for simple lunch, I go with rice first.

I decided to harvest my own Spinach, which grow and still growing in bins in front of my room house. All already old. They produced more of its seeds. So what I did? Cut the steam, then cut all leaves, and took all the seeds out by my hand. And just spread it every time, from every steam that I cut.

When I cooked, just always simple one. Not much salt for knowing my parent’s health at their age. So, I got like a bowl of Spinach.

After Spinach, I asked if my dad can cook us an omelette, his style, always taste good and taste of his love, I guess since its taste a bit different than mine after many times I have to notice that part.

Another simple menu, potatoes with anchovies cooked with sambal, or we called “masak pedas“, mean cooked spicy. It’s chillies that had been blended, make it as sauce for the potatoes and anchovies. I might share about what sambal is in the future.

So above, that was how my plate yesterday. And every day too, if I cook, and eat at home.

Gardening: Pumpkin Flower!

My garden related thing just, well, not much.

As within time I started back active blogging, I and my family dealing with rough decisions, which soon, I, who love the hills view, will missed the view..

So much, I’m gonna miss my garden to be area. Which believe it or not, I finished it. Remember my post about the garden’s door? Yes. But with heavy rain, sometimes come with thunder and lightning, I didn’t make it to softening the soils, mixture, and no plant or vegetable that I managed to relocated.. I feel bad, really, because even my dad put his energy into the area, by set up the fence and welding.. End up, we don’t get to see any veggies grow there..

While that’s what happened, surprisingly, all bins with veggies in front of my house, growing. Specially my pumpkin!

Yes. Morning here.

So my Spinach bins full of them, and they still growing. But after long time, this one and only pumpkin finally blooms. As it will be the pumpkin, I really hope that. As I want to cook and have the taste of my own growing. Just now I wonder and thinking, how I can take it with me soon to new place..? It’s heavy. And I still dealing with my long covid..

I plan on doing some clearing, soon. With amounts of rain, any time will come mosquitoes. Hard for me to do my gardening thing with them surrounding me.. Like, seriously…

So now I just hope it will grow a pumpkin, at least, a pumpkin.